Elevate Remote Asset Management with Powerful Dashboards

Remotely monitor and manage more assets simultaneously with pre-built dashboards and managed data infrastructure with the Corva Completions platform.


Monitoring Completions with Unprecedented Visibility

Equip your remote monitoring teams with a complete toolkit for rapidly building Real-Time Operations Centers, including over 50 completions apps, pre-built dashboards addressing specific monitoring needs, and customizable alerts to manage by exception.

Get the big picture of completion operations with real-time data on stages and view progress as overall percent complete or stages completed.

Track and visualize multiple fleetwide KPIs over time from one optimized screen, including chemical usage, instantaneous shut-in pressure (ISIP), and treating pressure.

Set goals and visualize non-productive time using operational efficiency KPIs for each operation on location, including hydraulic fracturing, wireline, and swap over times.

Instantly assess non-productive time (NPT) and invisible NPT across frac fleets with KPIs for pre-proppant fluid pumping, proppant pumping time, and post-proppant flush.

Pre-built dashboards with apps curated by Corva completion experts focused on specific functions, including real-time frac, wireline, pumpdown, and screenout prevention.

Monitor multiple pads by exception with automated alerts and algorithms that sift completions data for leading indicators of screenouts, frac hits, and treatment concentration drifting out of trend.


Permian Operator Cuts $56,000+ Per Well by Optimizing Wireline Crew Efficiency

A Permian operator identified and improved wireline crew efficiency, reducing pull-out time by 23 minutes without compromising equipment safety.

Read the full case study and discover the tangible benefits Corva brings to your operations.


Rapidly Build Your RTOC with Corva

Ready to take completions to the next level? The Corva platform helps you rapidly build or augment RTOCs for real-time data monitoring from the field to the office. Explore our solutions or schedule a personalized demo.