Delivering Drilling Automation, Consistency, and Efficiency with AI

Revolutionize your drilling operations and automate consistent, efficient performance across your fleet.


Corva's Predictive Drilling

Corva’s Predictive Drilling helps you deliver the lowest average cost per foot drilled by reducing dysfunction, saving trips, and automating consistent, efficient performance across your fleet. When using Corva’s hardware agnostic drilling automation solution, engineers and drillers can expect:

  • Continuous simulation of all combinations of setpoints
  • Optimum weight-on-bit, top drive RPM, and differential pressure setpoints
  • Sustainable ROP improvement balanced by vibration and stick slip filters

Collaboration with Nabors Industries

Using SmartROS®, Corva extends rig controls and real-time data pipelines from the wellsite to the E&P’s back office and mobile devices, enabling customers to drill safer and more effectively. Equipped with Nabors Smart Suite of Advanced Drilling Automation products, RigCLOUD® Edge infrastructure, Corva Apps, and Dev Center, this integration empowers onsite and remote teams to interact, analyze, and collaborate in powerful new ways.


Explore the Advantages of Predictive Drilling

Reduces Driller HMI Interactions

Reduction of 5000+ Human-Machine Interface (HMI) interactions per well through closed-loop automation

Higher Lateral Rotary ROP

35-45% higher rotary ROP vs offsets in lateral sections<br />

Higher Vertical Rotary ROP

20% higher rotary ROP vs offsets in vertical and intermediate sections

Reduces Vibration

Up to 20% reduction in lateral and axial vibration by excluding parameters causing high shock and vibration<br />

Faster Single Run Laterals

Average lateral completed in a single run, 1-1.5 days faster than non-Predictive Drilling offsets<br />

Cut Costs Per Well

Saves $100,000-$150,000 per well in spread and bit costs through fewer trips to extend bit life<br />


Predictive Drilling Success Stories

Dive into unparalleled efficiency, significant cost savings, and data-driven successes achieved through Corva's Predictive Drilling.

Watch Our Webinars to Learn About Our
AI-Powered Innovation

February 15, 2024

Upstream Online: How Nabors and Corva’s collaboration is changing the game with Predictive Drilling and SmartROS

Ready to revolutionize your drilling operations? Watch our full webinar hosted by Upstream Online for an in-depth conversation about how our revolutionary technology pairs Corva’s Predictive Drilling, and Nabors’ SmartROS® to provide an automated, closed-loop solution proven to provide significant improvements in ROP, costs per foot drilled, minimize dysfunctions and enhance overall safety.

September 6, 2023

World Oil: Integrating AI and Rig Automation to consistently drive high-performance drilling efficiency across operations

A Permian Supermajor drilled their first batch of wells, resulting in an impressive ease of deployment and integration into the drillers’ workflow. To have field utilization of Predictive Drilling increase to 80% of lateral footage drilled on the first pad speaks volumes of the design which simplified workflows for the drillers, drill site managers, and directional drillers.


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