The Future of Fracturing is Here, and It’s Powered by Data and Field-Level Automation

Unify fracturing and remote operations with our 24/7 integrated solution combining Corva’s digital twin technology and Downing’s Freedom Series Completion System. Integrating real-time insights and on-pad situation awareness, our automated solution empowers remote operators to utilize real-time data, to optimize safety and efficiency. This integrated solution enables remote operations to understand current on-pad situations enabling timely decision making through real-time insights.

Revolutionize Frac Automation

Learn about our game-changing collaboration that fuels Corva’s next wave of innovation to diversify and grow our oil and gas digital ecosystem globally.


With Corva and Downing, Unleash the Power of Remote Operations Through:

  • Seamless Integration with Downing’s Freedom Series: Corva’s digital twin and operational data stream are integrated with Downing’s Freedom Series.
  • Real-Time Pad-Level Insights: Gain immediate access to real-time insights at the pad level, and drive operations with Corvaʼs premier digital twin platform.
  • Optimized Frac Operations: Streamline operations by reducing pad personnel, bolstering safety, and lowering operational expenses through our automated solution.
  • Confident Remote Operations: Empower your remote operations with an added layer of confidence with Downing’s comprehensive system-level control and Corva’s digital twin technology for a seamless and efficient operation.


See the Future of Completions in Action

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