The Completions Data Optimization Toolkit You’ve Been Looking For

Want a real-time view of your completions?  Despite the fact that nearly everything in our lives can be live-streamed, engineers who want to know the current status of frac and wireline operations will most likely have to hop in the truck, put boots on the ground, and cram into the frac van or wireline logger on location.  Even then, the screens and use cases for consuming real-time completions data are firmly focused on accurately implementing treatment designs, not necessarily looking out for the unexpected or adapting designs based on actual conditions, such as having to pump stages out of the zone or analyze chemical set points to optimize usage.  It’s worse in the wireline logger where you’ll have to physically download and march the data back to the office to, at best, perform manual look-back analysis when things go wrong, like pumped-off guns or pre-set plugs.  There’s got to be a better way.

Eliminate the Data Bottleneck, Unleash Completions Performance 

Corva Stream is the rocket pack for your frac van and wireline logger data aggregator that accelerates every data channel to true real-time speeds.  And because Stream is meticulously designed by Corvanauts, it works seamlessly with our vast ecosystem of completions analytics.  After all, that’s the point – real-time data to power real-time analysis, translating to better decisions, collaboration, and troubleshooting.

The add-on, vendor-agnostic appliance streams data and value, enabling your team to:

  •  Pump more stages in a day, tailor treatments to the rock, and dodge hazards.  Real-time completions data can save your company millions through treatment optimization and operational efficiency while improving production returns and cash flow.
  • Get out of the data management business and focus on optimizing every completion.  Stream and Corva save your team countless hours in manual data entry and quality control.
  • Eliminate time lags to accelerate insights to decision-makers for disciplined cost management.  Avoid overengineered (and over-priced) designs by adapting FR, proppant, and fluids to actual conditions armed with up-to-the-second data.
  • Track operational KPIs to give your crews a scorecard and set goals to improve performance.  Reduce swap over times and optimize other crew operations and extend performance gains companywide.

Optimizing Completions with Real-Time Analysis

Here are quick examples of the power of real-time completions analysis, powered by Corva Stream and our analytics.

On-the-Fly Optimization with Real-Time Completions

Corva’s TVD vs. MD app provides a quick view of lithology pre-treatment with real-time analysis of pressure anomalies during and post-treatment, showing a combined view of stage material totals, pressures, TVD, gamma ray, and MSE.  Leveraging drilling data captured in Corva and TVD vs. MD, a Permian operator identified 3 planned stages that would need to be pumped outside the planned target formation and into a tighter zone, enabling adjustments to be made to the FR set points and pump schedules to avoid a potential screenout and almost 2 days of frac fleet NPT.

Avoid Fishing Jobs with Real-Time Wireline Data

Corva’s Wireline Traces app provides a lookback analysis for time-based wireline data or a real-time view of stages with live updates for when the wireline BHA is running in hole, pulling out of hole, and also when the BHA is static or perforating.  A Haynesville operator used the Wireline Traces app to rapidly identify the root cause of pumped off guns that required an expensive fishing job. This operator now uses  Corva’s Wireline Traces app as well as Corva’s Alerts engine in real-time to detect these potential trends as well as proactively prevent similar issues and related costs.

With a hundred or more data channels on a spread, trying to identify pressure anomalies, hazardous inter-well pressure communication, and chemical trends is like drinking from the fire hose. Monitor by exception and bring your team into the loop at the right time with Corva’s automated alerts and algorithms that sift completions data for leading indicators of screen-outs, frac hits, and treatment concentration drifting out of trend.

Save Millions in Billing True-up With Real-time vs Reported Chemicals Used

Your team receives a steady flow of invoices from the field for a variety of expensive frac fluids and chemical additives, such as friction reducer and cross-linked gel, but squaring what was billed with what was actually pumped is a time-consuming and distracting problem. Using Corva’s Stage Design vs. Actual or Well Comparison apps, truing-up those invoices is fast and easy by enabling you to assess actual costs with a detailed overview of chemical, fluid, and proppant usage by stage across the lateral of one well or a group of wells.  Plus, use Well Comparison in real-time to optimize chemicals for each stage to avoid costly overtreatment.

With more than 35 apps related to frac, wireline, and drillout operations, Corva’s real-time analysis is enabling our clients to complete more stages in a day, improve wireline run efficiency, and crush costs.  

Let’s talk about what Corva’s real-time completions platform can do for your team!


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