Pioneering Change for the Energy Industry: Corva’s 2022 CEO Address

The oil and gas industry is at a turning point. Historically, our two main drivers have been cost and production quantity – keeping costs as low as possible while maximizing asset yield. However, a new dimension is on the rise: combating climate change by controlling carbon emissions.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Our planet is in need of help. Texas began 2021 with a historic winter storm that shut down basic services like food, water, and electricity. This made both climate change and the need for cheap and reliable energy worldwide painfully obvious. The challenge is balancing the needs of our growing society with the responsibility to keep our planet sustainable.

But as oil and gas companies, it's our responsibility to take on that challenge.

Forging an Effective Emissions Solution

With that spirit, Corva is embarking on an initiative to build the leading sustainability platform for Oil & Gas, providing tools to monitor, benchmark, and reduce emissions. The path to net zero is a complex and winding journey that will require true partnerships and a collaborative environment where innovation can build upon itself.

By using the Corva App Store and the Dev Center, we'll leverage our skills in combining disparate datasets and integrating companies to build this synergetic vision of the future.

Innovation in Automation

Sustainability initiatives will add time and load to the busy schedule of oil workers, so Corva will continue to invest heavily in automation for well planning, geosciences, drilling and completions. The industry is finally on the verge of making solid breakthroughs after years of trials and tribulations. The defining difference has been the shift to companies working together instead of against each other and pooling their collective strengths.

Through combining the tremendous data processing capabilities of Corva with the decades of experience in hardware control and execution brought by our partners, we’ve created the catalyst to make automation a reality.

A Path Forward to Success

There is an exciting road ahead as our industry navigates through the energy transition, with new projects like geothermal wells, synthetic fuels, and carbon capture & sequestration. We need to pull together more than ever to support the world. It won’t be easy, but the goal is worth it.

Ryan Dawson

Hear directly from Chief Corvanaut Ryan Dawson about Corva’s mission for 2022 here.


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