Next Generation RTOC Delivers Unmatched Situational Awareness and Data Quality

Step into a real-time operations center and you'll see lots of computer monitors. It's not uncommon for a drilling engineer to be surrounded with five or more screens where they are forced to split their attention an equal number of ways. The RTOC is supposed to increase situational awareness, yet staff must contend with a fragmented operational view because of data silos and disconnected systems that don't play well with each other. Five screens often mean that the engineer is attempting to juggle multiple pieces of software from different vendors, each providing a partial glimpse into drilling or completions with staff attempting to piece it all together into a cohesive picture.

Information overload is just one drawback of the traditional RTOC. Besides the high cost to build and maintain physical spaces to house a control room for well operations, RTOCs take a long time to build - a year or more in some cases - in which time operational needs have evolved.

Today’s fast-paced operations need agile technology that can quickly deploy and scale RTOCs and hit moving operational targets. At the same time, teams need a single pane of glass that brings disconnected rig, directional, geoscience, and engineering data together into a single view and give staff a laser focus on improving well delivery.

Corva's RTOC Toolkit

With more than 150 analysis-ready drilling and completions apps in the Corva App Store and the ability to deploy instantly to the web and mobile devices, teams have a unique opportunity to break free from the limitations of traditional RTOCs. Corva apps can be assembled into powerful dashboards that address specific needs, like drilling efficiency, well control, and even ESG.

Dashboards can be viewed from anywhere and any device (phone, tablet, monitor, wall mount display) to deliver real-time oversight of remote well operations, empowering teams to create a distributed RTOC where subject matter experts from different regions can collaborate. Set up a distributed RTOC in weeks compared to months or years. Corva apps and dashboards can also augment a physical RTOC with new capabilities for aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing drilling and completions operations. Or take a hybrid approach with physical control rooms supported by distributed RTOC staff. Corva provides flexibility and scalability to match any scenario.

A Single Pane of Glass

Best of all, Corva eliminates data silos and the distraction of splitting staff attention between multiple screens by integrating processes and allowing different domains to find new efficiencies. Build exactly the view your operations team needs with Corva's toolkit of apps. Your team can leverage curated sets of Corva apps, pre-built dashboards assembled by our in-house industry experts and proven in the field to drive new efficiencies across a wide range of workflows.

Corva's new Workflows allow your team to instantly deploy RTOC dashboards for specific functions, including Vertical ROP Improvement, Directional Drilling, Shocks and Vibration Monitoring, Completions Morning Reports, Hydraulic Fracturing and Wireline. Each Workflow links all associated Corva apps to the same asset, enabling users to view everything in context and quickly switch between assets while applying the same Workflow. Just one more way Corva accelerates your RTOC build-out.

Take RTOC Data Quality to a New Level

Traditional RTOCs often include a dedicated group that focuses entirely on well data quality, typically dominated by manual data entry, aggregation, and modeling. This often keeps valuable engineering staff sidetracked on manual and repetitive tasks while creating data delays and uncertainty from potential human errors.

With the launch of Corva Fusion, teams now have complete transparency of their data quality to drive operational decisions with the most accurate datasets, delivered in real time. Fusion achieves this new level of data quality by aggregating well data streams, standardizing, and validating data with the industry's first data scoring system backed by Corva’s 24/7 data quality operations team. With Corva, your team gains unmatched visibility into data quality with Fusion.

Want to learn more about how Corva can support and accelerate your RTOC analysis? Reach out and schedule a demo with our drilling and completions experts for a personalized demonstration and to talk through your RTOC requirements.


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