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Optimize Completions, Maximize Profitability

Set your completions up for top tier performance with Corva as your innovation accelerator. Backed by true real time data from the frac van and wireline logger and nearly 40 apps for fracturing, wireline, and drillout, your team will optimize every stage, ensure placement of plugs and clusters, and maximize well productivity - all while shrinking daily burn rate across all of your frac fleets.

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High Performance, Lower Cost Completions

Batch drilling or extended reach, onshore or offshore, Corva powers up rig, crew, and fleet performance to the next level with KPIs to prove your ROI.

Drillout Operations

Drillout Operations

With apps targeting hole cleaning, circulation, buckling, and other drill-out challenges, Corva equips your team with the real-time analysis they need to efficiently drill-out plugs while avoiding hazardous downhole conditions.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing

Corva empowers your team to marry the rock with the treatment by bringing real-time fracturing data together with design and drilling data, tailoring every stage for maximum production output and long-term economic return.

Wireline Operations

Wireline Operations

Give your team the power to instantly assess wireline status, verify plug and perf placement in real-time, rapidly perform lookback analysis, prevent pumped-off or stuck guns, and trim down swap over times to accelerate completions.


Out-of-the-Box Dashboards + Build Your Own

Jump start your analysis with Corva's pre-built dashboards that bundle the right mix of apps to accelerate your completions workflows. Or design standard fracturing and wireline dashboards for your team, create and share custom dashboards with a few clicks.


Quality Data for Every Decision

QC Checks at Every Stage

Corva elevates data quality to new levels with real time automated data quality controls backed by seasoned analysts who meticulously validate frac fleet data streams and ensure a 100% accurate dataset is stored after every completion.

24/7 Houston-Based Support Team

Corva supports your drilling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with our dedicated client success team standing by to troubleshoot any data issues that might hold you back.


Accelerating the Future of Oil & Gas

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