Corva Offshore: How to Drill One Run Sections Faster While Maximizing Safety

July 13, 2020

Safety rules the seas, making “steady as she goes” the mantra for offshore drilling.  But it’s a constant balancing act to prioritize crew and environmental safety with the capital outlay required for offshore rigs and drilling operations.  Whether you are focused on North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, or West Africa, Corva’s suite of drilling and completion apps will help you drill more efficiently, optimize rotary and directional ROP, and minimize NPT.  At the same time Corva equips your team with powerful analytics to identify hazardous equipment and subsurface conditions in real-time and ensure safe operations. 

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Corva Feed, Your Single Source for Everything Drilling and Completions

June 8, 2020

Corva’s Activity Feed is the information sharing, collaboration driving, and productivity powering solution D&C teams have long needed.  It seamlessly brings data, people, and assets together where users can follow rig and frac fleet operations, and marry their industry expertise to the data in a transparent collaboration workspace.

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Drive Knowledge Sharing With All-New Annotations

June 8, 2020

Corva automatically captures drilling and completion insights in real-time, surfacing valuable insights into performance through its Metrics Engine, and apps like Driller’s Roadmap and BHA Optimization apps.  But what about best practices and lessons learned that come from human observation, look-back analysis, and sidebar conversations?  All too often this valuable information is informally shared over e-mail or chat and lacks the channel and transparency to be shared across teams. Such knowledge is almost always disconnected from the actual data it relates to.  With Corva Annotations your team can keep everything connected and in context.

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Drill the Best Well Possible While Reducing Costs with Corva

June 3, 2020

$5 million USD, that’s what one Corva client estimates they save annually by using our drilling optimization platform just to optimize connection times.  Corva helps save oil and gas producers big across the rig by optimizing ROP and nonproductive time, extending BHA life, and avoiding costly hazards and downhole remediation.  In addition to optimizing field costs, Corva’s real-time drilling optimization platform is laser-focused on delivering the best well possible, precisely guiding wellbores in the pay zone, and maximizing production potential.

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Live Webinar Series Powered by Corva

April 27, 2020

Corva’s new Live Webinar series will feature some of our awesome #corvanauts presenting on subjects such as the evolution of Torque & Drag, our real-time Alerts engine, and one of the newest additions to our Drilling platform: Bit Projection.

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Optimize Batch Drilling Efficiency, Save Millions

April 1, 2020

Batch drilling demands every foot and minute of performance improvement, where shaving hours from one well to the next can create massive payoffs.

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8 Ways to Keep Drilling and Save Millions

March 17, 2020

Corva is your partner in driving capital efficiency to new heights, enabling you to sustain drilling and completion momentum no matter what curveballs are thrown at the industry.

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Completions Swap Over Challenge: Trim 25 Minutes in Two Weeks

February 25, 2020

Corva’s Swap Over Times app enables field and office personnel to visualize time spent transitioning between frac and wireline operations.

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Seeing Ahead of the Drill Bit

February 11, 2020

With more than 60 drilling apps, Corva users have quite an arsenal to choose from.  We’ve built a drilling optimization app for many workflows across the rig and that list is still growing. 

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Sustaining Corva’s Momentum with a Bold Vision for 2020

January 7, 2020

Corva moves into 2020 with the wind in our sails.  We’re sustaining Corva’s tremendous momentum with the same commitment to customer success, measurable results, and relentless innovation.  We’re also driving ahead with even bolder ideas and a laser focus on Corva’s vision for optimizing every well, lateral, and stage.


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Enforcing Company Drilling Standards Has Never Been Easier

November 14, 2019

Learn how to monitor procedural compliance in real-time with Corva.

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Frac Chemical Optimization: Stop Pouring Money Down the Drain

November 7, 2019

How slick does your slick water frac really need to be?  When it comes to maximizing hydraulic fracturing performance it seems the industry is willing to throw money at the problem.  It’s better to over-use expensive chemical additives than under-use.  But the costs add up for friction reducer (FR), crosslinked gel, and other fracturing fluids.  With Corva, however, you can dial-in just the right amount every time and book the savings.

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Corva, Coffee, and the Morning Drilling Report

September 26, 2019

The morning report is a staple of the daily morning meeting.  And like coffee, Corva is increasingly a part of the daily routine.

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Corva and Drill2Frac Join Forces to Create High Performance Wells

September 17, 2019

New data science partnership brings together leaders in rock characterization for hydraulic fracturing design and real-time completion analysis, offering operators an advanced solution for maximizing frac performance and ultimate oil & gas recovery.

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Corva Helps Break North American Drilling Record for Longest Lateral with 32,468 ft Well

August 29, 2019

Supermajor sets onshore North American drilling record for longest extended reach well using Corva’s real-time analytics to monitor and respond to hazardous conditions.

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A Time Machine for Your Drilling KPIs

August 20, 2019

Nonproductive rig time, cost per lateral foot, footage per day, rotary ROP, slide percentage, connection time, on bottom percentage – these are just a handful of the key performance indicators we keep tabs on while drilling.  Such KPIs are critical for understanding equipment, crew, rig, and contractor performance, yet all too often end up stuck in a spreadsheet.

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New Frac Optimization Platform Expands Corva’s Leading Drilling Cloud, Continues Its Vision for the Digital Oilfield of the Future

July 22, 2019

Corva extends track record of digital transformation for drilling with release of hydraulic fracturing data analysis tools, enabling oil & gas producers to optimize frac performance, avoid hazards, and cut costs using big data and real-time monitoring.

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Mining Real-Time Rig Data to Prevent Catastrophic Events

July 5, 2019

The sight of the Lucas well at Spindletop in 1901 spewing oil into the sky became a tragically misunderstood trope in which “gusher” has become synonymous with drilling success. Anyone in the oil & gas extraction business knows, however, that a gusher, or blowout, is a failure of epic proportions that puts people and the environment at high risk. We are laser-focused in the industry to prevent such catastrophic events, deploying advanced pressure control systems and continuously monitoring data streaming from the rig for any early warning signs. But blowouts, washouts, twist offs, and a myriad of other train wrecks still happen. Why?

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Drill Faster Without Sacrificing Bit Life

April 11, 2019

Toeing the line between fast ROP and extending bit life is a constant struggle. ROP improvements from BHA technology have slowed, underscoring the importance of software innovation to push the envelope further. Corva helps identify that optimal balance using real-time data and analytics, enabling you to have your cake and eat it too.

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5 Ways to Save Millions in Drilling Costs this Year

January 23, 2019

Gearing up to drill? That’s a tough question to answer heading into the new year as oil prices remain uncertain. Given the shifting economics, many producers are taking a second look at drilling programs and the ROI of new wells. Maintaining drilling momentum in 2019 is all about optimizing field spending and Corva is perfectly poised to help drillers do just that.
From optimizing performance across the rig to getting the most mileage out of equipment, here are 5 ways to save millions this year along with real-world examples of how Corva’s clients are saving big.

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Corva's 2018 Milestones and Roadmap for Drilling Optimization in 2019

January 8, 2019

Corva began 2018 with our technology deployed on only 3 rigs and we ended the year on 120. An amazing story of growth for any start-up, all powered by our incredible clients. From the Driller’s Roadmap to the recent launch of our BHA Optimization app, Corva’s focus remains laser-focused: drilling optimization leading to faster, better, and more cost-effective wells.

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How to Pick the Best BHA Every Time

December 11, 2018

Selection of the bottom hole assemblies for a new well is an art and a science. To optimize ROP, drillers need to pick the right drill bit or mud motor for the job, factor in a multitude of drilling parameters – like weight on bit and RPM – and have an extensive understanding of subsurface conditions. There are a lot of moving parts and hundreds of variables, making BHA selection a monumental task. But what if you could open an app on your phone and find the perfect BHA in just a few minutes?

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Imperial and Metric: Corva Drills across North America

November 1, 2018

While most drilling software applications tend to use the US system of weights and measures, Corva provides operators across North America with a single platform to toggle units between metric and imperial. This is an extremely powerful enhancement that now allows our clients to monitor both sides of the border in real-time in the units of measure that makes most sense.

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Enable Your Rig Crews to Drill Faster with Corva

October 24, 2018

Directional drillers, rig crews, and onsite company men are on the front line when it comes to drilling optimization.  By equipping them with Corva’s analytics, minute-to-minute decisions can be guided by optimal information, shaving time off of connections, minimizing slides, and maximizing ROP.

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Automated Drillers Road Map… Lose the Spreadsheets

August 22, 2018

The current best practice for selection of optimal drilling parameters is to generate complex spreadsheets for static results of formation parameters. Corva has developed an automated Drillers Road Map, or DRM, that allows users to efficiently mine offset well data by replacing the manual process. Users spend time analyzing DRM results from offset wells instead of manipulating and processing data merely to produce the DRM.

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Meet the Corva 24/7 Ops Team

August 20, 2018

We only hire the best people for our 24/7 operations team, all with a background of working in the oilfield themselves as directional drillers or experienced MWDs.

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RTO in Your Pocket: How to Drill Longer Laterals from the Beach

May 9, 2018

Soaring demand for oil & gas and the US shale revolution has created an imperative for today’s domestic producers to increasingly outperform.   Keeping up with demand means continuously improving processes and driving higher levels of drilling and cost efficiency through automation and factory drilling.  As a result, the industry is shifting toward real-time operations to manage, monitor, and optimize drilling programs.  For the majors, RTO takes the form of technology filled rooms staffed 24/7 by engineering staff that often resemble NASA mission control.  But for the hundreds of other E&Ps drilling wells in the Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, and other areas of development, the benefits of RTO have been out of reach – until now.

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Real-Time Drillstring Control and the Future of Drilling Automation

April 12, 2018

Driverless cars – just a few years ago it was science fiction, yet today we are increasingly comfortable with stepping foot into a driverless cab thanks to the convergence of several important technologies.  In the same way, oil & gas drilling is in the midst of an important transition from manual data analysis and drillstring control to real-time drilling analytics and automation.

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Drill Faster Using ROP and MSE Heatmaps

October 17, 2017

Data analytics is one of the hottest topics in drilling today. Corva provides a major opportunity for operators and drilling contractors to improve rate of penetration using powerful visualizations and easy-to-use recommendations.

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3 Essential Ways to Track Drilling Operational KPIs

August 17, 2017

Monitoring drilling operations such as slip-to-slip connection time and weight-to-weight time can offer significant improvements in identifying sources of ILT and NPT. Operators and drilling contractors are able to compare real-time performance against pre-defined best practices and collaborate to achieve operational improvements. Organizations that actively monitor drilling KPIs are able to capture trend analysis and continuously improve operations.

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Is Factory Drilling the Future?

August 2, 2017

Throughout history, many industrial sectors including mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and now oil & gas, are faced with the dilemma of scaling the supply chain to increase production. Using a factory as an illustration, let’s dive into the challenges of scaling and optimizing drilling operations.

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How Big Data is Revolutionizing O&G Companies - Corva’s V2 Platform

June 14, 2017

As O&G companies find ways to make their drilling operations more cost-effective, many are scrambling to understand the concept of Big Data. Some operators understand the opportunities presented by Big Data but are challenged to form a strategy to take advantage of the vast capabilities of historical and real-time information. Corva’s V2 Platform delivers Big Data solutions by understanding historical performance and hazards to inform real-time decisions and insight.

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New To Corva? Check Out Our New Website

May 17, 2017

So what’s in a web site?  In our newly launched Corva web site at, you’ll see how the new V2 Corva Platform helps the industry drill faster with real-time data and analytics.  

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6 Powerful Dev Stats on the ‘Road to V2’

March 22, 2017

At Corva, we are busy preparing for the next release of our drilling data & analytics platform: V2.

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Corva Announces Funding Round

March 14, 2017

Corva announces the closing of a key funding round from Houston-based investors led by Dharmesh Mehta.

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Corva Is Growing!

March 7, 2017

Corva is continuing our expansion in preparation for widespread adoption and the April release of Version 2 of our real time drilling and analytics platform.

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Corva Rings in the New Year

January 23, 2017

The start of any new year brings surprises, opportunities, and challenges. At Corva, we are excited to be a part of the monumental shift happening in real-time data and analytics for the oil industry.

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