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Power Up Well Log Analysis on ONE Platform for G&G and Engineering

Ensuring economic return for every well depends on effective multidisciplinary data sharing and well log analysis, however, scattered historical well logs, access to real time logging data, and fragmented workflows limit collaboration, create redundancies, and delay decisions.

Corva’s Formation Evaluation app equips your entire team with powerful well log analysis capabilities for geologic, petrophysical, and depth-indexed data. View all of your logs (including real time logging and LAS logs) in one platform to improve collaboration between G&G and drilling groups, streamline well log analysis across the well life cycle, and identify potential subsurface hazards.

True Real Time, Depth Based Logs

With Corva’s Formation Evaluation app the entire team gains access to depth-based well logs streamed from the rig via WITSML. This unprecedented capability provides instant access to reservoir measurements as they happen, accelerating decision making and preventing equipment damage. Easily view real time or historical data, including:

  • LWD and Wireline Tools – resistivity, gamma ray, porosity, sonic, caliper
  • Mud Logging – data from mud logger sensors such as surface gas detection
  • Downhole Drilling Dynamics – downhole vibration, RPM, torque and WOB

Create, Save, and Share Log Views

The Formation Evaluation app displays tracks for depth-based data using one of Corva’s out of the box log templates for common logging tool suites (e.g., triple combo showing gamma ray, resistivity, and neutron porosity). Import historical data or view real-time data to improve geology and geophysical workflows.

Corva users can also build custom templates to match their specific requirements by adding tracks from available real time data sources or uploaded log files with the ability to combine both types in a single view. Track and trace names are customizable for each user. And once a user has built their own template it can be saved, shared, and reused with other team members, providing standard log visualization across the organization, and driving collaboration among G&G and engineering teams.

Reimagining the Log Viewer

Real time log viewers have been around for a generation, but the problem is that the technology was built decades ago by many different logging companies. This vintage tech lacks standards, is cumbersome to use, and forces G&G users to work in a data silo isolated from the rest of the team involved in drilling a well.

Corva’s Formation Evaluation app is poised to become a new standard for depth-based log visualization, built on the most advanced real time data platform with our trademark stunning user interface. Corva replaces legacy viewers with next generation well log visualization that enables G&G and engineering to collaborate around the same analysis on any device, including native Apple and Android phones/tablets.

More Collaborations on the Way

Corva’s Formation Evaluation app is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to driving multidisciplinary teamwork. From well design and economics to geosteering and hazard avoidance, Corva is continuously striving to bring G&G and engineering together in powerful new ways.

Check out a breakout session from our recent Fall Release presented by Greg McDonald, our Drilling and Completions Product Manager.