Custom Apps for
Oilfield Service Companies

Oilfield service companies are rushing to Corva Dev Center to rapidly extend their digital ecosystem and deliver more value to operators. Explore how Corva Dev Center accelerates the future of energy with a fully managed development platform that empowers you to innovate at your full potential.


How OFS Companies Use Dev Center

Corva Dev Center gives drilling and completions service companies the agility to innovate at speed, augment offerings, and create new digital solutions to differentiate their services and deliver more value to customers. Examples of service company apps developed in Dev Center include:

Calculate and visualize multiple rate of penetration KPIs to continuously balance WOB and MSE while avoiding tortuosity and extending equipment life.

Roll up and calculate KPIs from daily drilling report data then drill down into detailed reporting to investigate root causes.

Identifies rock hardness, stage level heterogeneity, and locations of depleted fractures in real time.

Automatically track idle time and calculate emissions to facilitate regulatory reporting for operators.


MGB Oilfield Solutions

Interested in how your peers are using Corva Dev Center to break free from the limits of traditional software development? Seeking to deliver more value to customers, MGB created FuelCELL to track ESG metrics, reduce HSE exposure, and monitor frac fleet fuel usage.


Advance Customer Experience with Corva

Unlock your full innovation potential with Corva Dev Center. Empower oilfield service companies to create business solutions at speed without the headache and cost of managing their own development environment.