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Enforcing Company Drilling Standards Has Never Been Easier

Learn how to monitor procedural compliance in real-time with Corva.

Procedural Compliance Alerts Power Real-Time Operational Oversight

From connections and tripping to equipment calibration and malfunction, your team maintains dozens of standard operating procedures in order to drive efficiency, consistency, and drilling performance.  All too often though, the large number of procedures that must be tracked combined with the torrent of rig data make compliance determination a post hoc exercise.  But thanks to Corva, your team can now monitor and respond to compliance issues in real-time, helping your organization optimize crew performance, reduce risks, and cut costs.

Automating Drilling Procedural Compliance

Corva’s real-time drilling optimization platform lets your team define organizational and industry standards for simple or highly complex procedures.  And it can do this for dozens of drilling and operating procedures while simultaneously monitoring WISTML streams to verify and detect deviation from a standard.  Each compliance alert consists of one or more triggering criteria, which are evaluated separately against current conditions then aggregated to determine pass or fail status.  An automated alert is triggered to notify rig and back office staff once a compliance issue is detected.

Putting a Value on Procedural Compliance

How do Corva customers use our procedural compliance alerts?  A few examples include zeroing of WOB and mud motor differential pressure to improve ROP, BHA back to bottom with reduced RPM, and corrective procedure following a mud motor stall.  Enforcing such procedures translates to tangible performance and cost savings.  For example, one of our Permian customers uses Corva’s procedural compliance alerts to track and optimize crew connection times.  By enforcing the standard connection procedure, the customer estimates it saves $5M annually by trimming 2 minutes per connection.

Driving Fleetwide Insights

Corva enables operators to easily define and enforce drilling, safety, and risk management procedures.  Equipped with our procedural compliance alerts, users gain real-time oversight of current drilling operations.  In addition, new crews can be quickly brought up to speed with organizational guidelines and best practices.  Corva also enables operators to build fleetwide procedural oversight and generate compliance statistics over time for an entire fleet or for different rigs and crews.  As a result, Corva gives your organization deep insight into fleetwide procedural compliance while providing flexibility to modify and enforce new drilling standards.