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Our state-of-the-art technology empowers operators to achieve unparalleled control and efficiency in their drilling operations. Optimize torque and drag, drive enhanced operational performance, and improve overall drilling efficiency.


Unleash Torque and Drag Optimization with Corva

In drilling operations, optimizing torque and drag is crucial to maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Discover how these popular apps can drive efficiency across your drilling program:

Identify poor hole cleaning and reaming issues with a real-time hookload broomstick plot that shows pick-up, slack-off, and rotating-off-bottom hookload trends compared to the predicted model.

Monitor wellbore conditions with real-time friction factor analysis and a torque trend broomstick plot showing actual rotating-off-bottom torque compared to the predicted model.

Monitor potential buckling in the drill string with a plot of effective axial load comparing the sinusoidal (2-D) and helical (3-D) buckling limits.

Rapidly assess current drillstring stress conditions compared to technical limits with real-time von Mises stress analysis with breakdown for axial, torsional, hoop, radial, and bending stresses.

Apply pre-defined friction factors to the model with the ability to compare user-defined friction factors for the casing, open hole slack off, open hole pickup, and open hole rotating.


Optimizing Torque and Drag to Prevent Stuck Pipe

See how Corva's Drilling platform revolutionizes torque and drag management, preventing stuck pipe incidents in drilling operations. Advanced tools and real-time insights enabled proactive monitoring, analytics-driven decision-making, and enhanced wellbore stability, reducing disruptions and achieving significant cost savings.

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