Ensuring Safety and Efficiency Across Drilling Operations

Corva's advanced hazard avoidance capabilities empower operators to identify, assess, and mitigate hazards in real-time; ensuring a safe drilling environment while adhering to regulatory requirements and operational procedures.


Prevent Costly Hazards and Maintain Procedural Compliance

From advanced hazard detection algorithms to compliance tracking tools, Corva provides operators with tailored apps to maximize safety and ensure procedural compliance.

Identify poor hole cleaning and reaming issues with a real-time Hookload broomstick plot that shows pick-up, slack-off, and rotating-off-bottom hookload trends compared to the predicted model.

View and analyze driller adherence to back-to-bottom procedures, including RPM and zeroing of differential pressure and WOB.

Boost drilling efficiency and production returns with real-time tortuosity and DogLeg severity analysis that incorporates cumulative, absolute, and cumulative alpha-adjusted tortuosity index.

Corva automates the manual process of creating a trip sheet by identifying well control problems while tripping in or out of the hole during normal operations.

Track flowback events between connections and compare each against previous events to identify gain or lost flow trends automatically.

Avoid kicks and other well control events with a real-time pore pressure window of effective circulating density, surge, and swab points while tripping in or tripping out of hole.


Safeguarding Operations Through Hazard Avoidance and Procedural Compliance

Learn how our advanced software enables operators to identify potential hazards, assess risks, and ensure compliance with operational procedures and regulatory standards resulting in the prevention of harmful accidents on rig sites.

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