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Drive Knowledge Sharing With All-New Annotations

Corva automatically captures drilling and completion insights in real-time, surfacing valuable insights into performance through its Metrics Engine, and apps like Driller’s Roadmap and BHA Optimization apps. But what about best practices and lessons learned that come from human observation, look-back analysis, and sidebar conversations? All too often this valuable information is informally shared over e-mail or chat and lacks the channel and transparency to be shared across teams. Such knowledge is almost always disconnected from the actual data it relates to. With Corva Annotations your team can keep everything connected and in context.

Comment, Tag, Mention, Attach

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a note pinned on your Days vs. Depth plot explaining why actual ROP exceeded expectations? Or snap a photo of the winning crew who outperformed that shift and place it in Rig Operations? Annotations let you do that from any of our D&C apps.
Annotations enable Corva users to place comments directly within an app and reply to those comments. To get the conversation going, simply use tags to mention individual people or an entire team. Corva automatically tags the associated rig and well. Upload a PDF report, Excel model, photo, or video to put it in context with the data. Users can also express themselves with an extensive emoji collection.

When and Where to Annotate

Not every Annotation needs to show on the top of an app forever, which is why users have the option to set the expiration time for their Annotations. This keeps Annotation shown on the top of the app relevant to current operations. Annotations that are only relevant within the context of a shift can be set to expire in 12 hours while a note or attachment with long-term value can be set to never expire.

Annotations have a place across the Corva ecosystem of apps. But where the Annotation feature truly shines is collaborating around daily operational complexities and crew performance. Corva users are finding it extremely valuable, for example, to annotate their Hookload Broomsticks as well as Connection Times and Treatment Plots.

Knowing When Annotations Happen

As your team begins to use this collaborative feature more, it is important to know when you have been mentioned or someone has commented on your annotations. Users who have an app or dashboard open on their device will receive an instant alert that a comment or file attachment has been posted if they have been tagged. Not in Corva? Our e-mail and mobile notifications will link you to the activity. But perhaps the most powerful way to stay tuned into all Annotations and related conversations is Corva’s Activity Feed, the subject of another blog.