Gain A New Level of Wellsite Synergy and Operational Efficiency

Corva and NexTier Oilfield Services join forces to pair NexTier's NexHub™'s sturdy digital framework and superior reservoir technologies with Corva's unrivaled data analytics and vivid visualization capabilities.

Real-Time Diesel Displacement

Digital Assets to Improve Completion Performance

The Real-Time Diesel Displacement app shows fleetwide, real-time substitution rates and equipment performance. It delivers quick, reliable measurements of exactly how much diesel you’ve displaced with natural gas, along with:

  • High-quality, consistent completions data
  • Automation enhancements
  • Clear visibility into NexTier’s advanced reservoir technologies
  • Increased app-development power with Corva’s Dev Center


Automated KPIs to Measure Water Effects

Through NexTier’s Real-Time Water Quality app, teams can monitor water quality, visualize the impact of water variations in real-time, optimize fluid chemistry, and measure historical corrosion exposure. Review water quality KPIs: 

  • Limit flagging for corrosion indicators 
  • Monitor oxidation reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen, corrosion rate and scaling index
  • Review various fluid system indicators such as TDS, pH, temperature, and conductivity


Improve Operational Efficiency

Display the key components in hydraulic fracturing treatment stages alongside respective stage gamma ray and mechanical specific energy (MSE) logs through the LateralScience app. 

  • Visualize three stages of data in 2D an 3D plots in one, unified location 
  • Select various active stages to monitor efficiency
  • Increase wellsite synergy to optimize fracturing operations



See the Future of Completions in Action

Schedule a demo to unlock enhanced automation, transparent access to advanced reservoir technologies, and consistent high-quality completions data through the Corva and NexTier Oilfield Services collaboration.