Transformative Solutions for Completion Optimization and Execution

Drill2Frac's apps integrate rock properties, treatment design, and data science to optimize completions. Engineers see how each stage will treat using different designs, then select one giving the best cluster efficiency.


Optimize Your Completions and Proactively Identify & Mitigate FDI

The Drill2Frac Completions Hazard Analysis app provides a visual and easy comparison of different completion designs so that an engineer can pick the best design for a given well. Their app provides identification of stages that have near wellbore depletion so companies can implement proactive mitigation, along with:

  • A visual simulation of a stage that shows volumes in each cluster
  • Design comparisons that deliver the best well uniformity index or cluster efficiency for a given well
  • Ability to strategically plan offset well completions using Drill2Frac’s Depleted Fracture Identification process
  • Swift response with real-time adjustments to the completions program


Enhancing Production and Capital Efficiency with Active Frac Guidance

Watch our exclusive World Oil webinar to dive into our collaboration with Drill2Frac and ShearFRAC set to revolutionize completions through active frac guidance.


See the Future of Completions in Action

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