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Corva and Baker Hughes, Better Together

Learn about our game-changing collaboration that fuels Corva’s next wave of innovation to diversify and grow our oil and gas digital ecosystem globally.

The Future of Energy

Digital Oilfield Synergy

Our complementary technologies and like-minded drive for drilling efficiencies create a new level of digital oilfield innovation. Leveraging Corva’s Dev Center, Baker Hughes is developing next-generation capabilities that bring the breadth and depth of 100 years of oilfield experience into the Corva App Store. Through our strategic digital collaboration, Baker Hughes and Corva will:

  • Expand well construction digital offerings that match the unique challenges our customers face
  • Enhance digital capabilities globally, tailoring needs to specific regions and equipment
  • Develop fit-for-purpose apps and data solutions

Digital Synergy

Achieve Top-Tier Performance

Baker Hughes will leverage its oilfield expertise and global footprint to bring Corva’s 150+ apps and powerful dashboards to customers worldwide. The first-of-its-kind cloud platform brings high-quality data to your fingertips. Together, Baker Hughes and Corva empower the delivery of safer and more profitable wells through:

  • Real-time tracking of rig and crew KPIs and offset well analysis
  • Optimize drilling efficiency and improved wellbore placement
  • Monitoring multiple assets simultaneously to ensure well control and avoid hazards

Real-Time and Reliable

Drill More Profitable Wells, Safely

Drill safer and more profitable wells with Corva’s real-time drilling optimization platform that delivers high-quality data directly to your fingertips. Monitor fleet, rig, and crew KPIs to offset well analysis, directional guidance, and drilling automation all from one screen to stop chasing data. Whether you’re batch drilling or extended reach, onshore or offshore, Corva takes rig, crew, and fleet performance to the next level with:

  • Enhance data visualization and analytics to optimize operational performance in real-time
  • Streamline data to safely maximize productivity while reducing rig costs
  • 24/7 real-time operations support to rigs worldwide


Data-Driven Success of the Collaboration of Corva and Baker Hughes


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