Improve Drilling Efficiency Through Combination of Physical and Digital Tools

Reduce Risk & Cut Costs 

An operator in Algeria faced significant challenges caused by downhole vibrations, deteriorating hole conditions, and stuck pipe events. These issues extended the time needed for circulating and reaming, increasing operational costs and risks. 

Key Results & Value Delivered

To tackle these challenges, a combination of advanced physical and digital tools were implemented. Baker Hughes 12 ¼-inch D806S Dynamus™ extended-life drill bit and AutoTrak™ Rotary Steerable System was paired with Corva applications and i-Trak™ to provide real-time monitoring and enhance operational performance. This integrated approach focused on optimizing drilling dysfunctions and improving ROP. As a result, 15% improvements were made in weight-to-weight times over offsets, a 33% increase in ROP compared to previous benchmarks, as well as 15.7 days saved compared to P50 wells.


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