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Big data is more than big datasets - it's characterized by increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data.  In the digital oilfield, big data is a complex mix of structured rig data sources (think MWD and LWD) and unstructured well files (think surveys and operational reports).  The persistent problem for many drilling and completions teams is that related structured and unstructured data are disconnected, forcing engineers to work in multiple systems.  Well files are especially difficult to wrangle up.  PDFs, spreadsheets, Word docs, PowerPoint slides are all too often scattered across network folders and personal files or locked up in a database, creating unstructured well information sprawl and multiple versions of the truth.

Corva's Big Well Data Solution

Corva users have long been able to view and stay tuned in to real-time rig data through our rich set of apps and dashboards.  Corva also lets organizations upload their own data through validated CSV uploads.  We mastered well file management too by capturing, converting, classifying, and storing certain types of documents, e.g., BHAs, in the Corva Cloud.  Other unstructured data types, like operations reports, are either uploaded by users through our drag and drop tools or ingested via API, giving structure to unstructured well files.

You can access well documents by selecting an asset then browsing files by category, including directional, BHA, drilling program, surveys, and mud reports.  This has been a heavily trafficked area of Corva, however, the placement of real-time data access points (Corva apps and dashboards) and well files have been analogous to placing the filing room on the other side of the building from the big screens showing the current picture.  Similarly, the tools for managing all of this data (imports and exports) have been in separate locations.  WellHub brings it all together.

The Value of Context

Corva's WellHub dashboard represents a step-change in how teams interact with, discover, search, and manage well information.  WellHub puts all of your well files in context with each other, enabling new levels of data transparency and productivity.

WellHub concisely shows:

  • All data sources for your organization blended for rapid access, including documents, real-time data, and apps, putting structured and unstructured data in context for rapid analysis.
  • Number of data streams for a specified asset, plus asset metadata: last activity, phase, current activity, deviation from plan, target formation, hole section, BHA, casing string design, and mud.
  • Snapshot of activity impacting the asset with notes for NPT and operational summary as well as the latest alerts and comments associated with the asset.
  • Well files linked to the asset grouped by folder (BHA, morning reports, etc.) + file counter with the ability to rapidly search and view files on one screen.

The Mobile Widget: WellHub at a Glance

You may not always have the time to scour your feeds to find the exact information you need - sometimes you just need the important stats fast. Our mobile widget for the Corva app helps you get just that. With this widget, you have the ability to search for an active rig using the Corva mobile app and pull the latest well being drilled to see key information such as:

  • Bit Depth
  • Hole Depth
  • Current BHA
  • Mud Type
  • Current Drilled Formation
  • Directional Divergence to Plan
  • Current Activity
  • NPT

The widget comes in three different size options, each prioritizing different sets of information to suit your exact needs. Not only that, but you’ll also have the capability to customize your displayed units of measurement for each individual metric, choosing between miles or kilometers.  Find all the info you need in the palm of your hand.  Learn more about how to use the widget here!

WellHub is your complete big well data management solution.  The thoughtfully designed interface brings all of your datasets together in one place and enables users to quickly package up datasets to work within other applications.  Truly a “hub” for your well data, built for the scale and complexity of today’s real-time digital oilfield.

See Corva’s WellHub in action! Contact Corva now to schedule a live demo with our product experts.


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