Your 5 Minute Pad Program Starts with Corva’s Composite Design and Interactive Well Schematic

Think of all the prep work your team puts into planning each well, the data wrangling, and the static end products and spreadsheets. Multiply that effort for an entire pad. Your team works in multiple point solutions to create different pieces of the drilling program puzzle only to export it all and assemble it in Excel. Making a change at this point is a real fire drill as all changes must be approved by the drilling manager requiring spreadsheets to be updated, the new drilling program printed out, signed, scanned, and sent back out to the field.

Now imagine the possibilities if you could skip all the prep work and start building the best well design possible? Our goal is to enable you to create a well program in under 5 minutes using a complete palette of design tools. To get there Corva has built new apps that move the ball down the field by targeting some of your toughest well design challenges and enabling your team to effortlessly build composite wells and create well schematics that automatically update from spud to casing. But that’s just the beginning of Corva’s Well Design journey.

Composite Design

Kick-off your well planning with Corva’s Composite Design app to build the composite well you need for the initial days vs. depth plot and AFE. Start by selecting wells from a drilling program, basin, county, area, target formation, or string design. You can also select wells within a radius with the option to deselect wells you don’t want and add wells outside the radius. The composite well or technical limit (minimum operating and non-operating time) and average well (mean operating and non-operating time) are then calculated and displayed on a days vs depth plot.

Times for specific well sections are shown alongside the DVD in a waterfall chart, including rig move, surface, intermediate, and production sections. The waterfall chart lets you rapidly understand where optimization efforts should be focused by comparing the average to the composite well and the incremental time savings for each well section, activity, or phase with easy drill down to view more granular details. Users also have the option to switch from time to cost waterfall to view average and composite costs.

Well Schematic

Corva’s Well Schematic is a powerful, data-driven visualization of the drilling plan that enables your entire team to monitor progress with real-time updates to the design. At a glance, the schematic clearly communicates the design and key objectives for the wellbore. The schematic follows the life of a well in Corva starting in design and tracking actual results through drilling and encapsulating vital knowledge that can be leveraged in completion operations.

The Well Schematic is also a living document that captures valuable comments and discussions, such as pre-spud crew meetings. During drilling and completion operations, Corva’s Well Schematic serves as the system of record for engineers to add annotations, milestones, and notes about nonproductive time. This provides unprecedented capabilities for your team to collaborate and capture knowledge from all stakeholders who can ask questions, add their own observations, and upload files to be permanently attached to the schematic.

Roadmap to a 5 Minute Drilling Program

Corva’s vision is to empower your team to build an entire drilling program for a pad of wells in minutes with a single Well Design solution that leverages our extensive data pipeline of quality-controlled offset well data. Our Composite Well and Well Schematic apps are just the first destinations on Corva’s roadmap. What’s on the horizon? Next stops on our well design journey will include design apps for Cement, Mud, Casing, and BHA. And further down the road Corva is introducing AFE Generation, Directional Planning, Program Creation, and Workflows. Potential additions to the roadmap include Vendor Analysis, Hazard Identification, Field Performance Analytics, and a Well Design Advisory System.

Join us on this exciting journey to the future of well design. Get started now by contacting us. Let’s hit the road together!


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