With Corva Dev Center You can Build Exactly What You Want, Fast

You know your organization’s goals and workflows better than anyone else. You need custom solutions to match your business needs but there are tradeoffs with commercial solutions. Building your own oil & gas business solutions effectively puts most energy companies in the software business. Homegrown software can be time-consuming to build, expensive to deploy and host, and difficult to maintain over time as business needs shift and in-house solution builders leave. That’s why most companies choose to buy vs. build and even larger oil companies who have historically built their own software are now moving to off-the-shelf products. Corva Dev Center changes everything.

Your team now has a hybrid development option that gives you the best of both worlds, providing the agility and customizability you need to match solutions to business requirements with the benefits of a continuously improving software product, SaaS subscriptions, and managed dev/hosting environment. Corva Dev Center equips oil & gas teams and freelance developers with a powerful toolbox of app templates, visualization components, and QC’d data, enabling you to spend more time building solutions that solve your unique business needs and less time on data wrangling, writing code from scratch, deploying, and maintaining applications. The result? Build fit-for-purpose apps in a fraction of the time while creating new efficiencies, driving competitive advantage, and cutting development costs.

One Oil & Gas Development Platform, Infinite Possibilities

Just as Apple created a thriving ecosystem of apps and app developers with the launch of the iPhone, Corva Dev Center provides your oil & gas team and freelance developers a world of infinite possibilities for creating an ever-expanding ecosystem of apps built by energy professionals for energy professionals.

Whether your apps are built for internal use only or designed to share with others, Corva Dev Center gives you all the tools to easily bring your vision to life as native iOS, Android, and modern web applications.

If you’re an oil & gas data analyst, data scientist, Geotech, or engineer, you know just how frustrating it is to pull datasets together and develop software and analytical tools that drive your organization’s goals. Corva Dev center does all of the heavy lifting for you by providing best-in-class components, visualization, data, and infrastructure so that solutions can be fast-tracked to the front line.

Corva Dev Center Benefits at a Glance

Corva Dev Center is agile. Rapidly build and deploy solutions across the organization to solve unique drilling, completion, production, or well planning challenges. Powered by Corva Stream™, our data platform provides real-time data from the rig, completion van, and wireline truck. Create data mashups using your own data to build exactly what you need, fast.

With Corva Dev Center your team can:

  • Own What You Build – Build apps that precisely fit your team’s workflow with 100% IP ownership for complete control and competitive advantage.
  • Tap into Real-Time, Quality Controlled Data – Corva Dev Center provides real-time data streams from the wellsite, quality controlled and ready for integration with your app.
  • Streamline Activation and Deployment – Empower your internal oil & gas development teams with all the tools to build and deploy solutions for use within your organization.
  • Incorporate New Sensor Tech – Seamlessly access data from new sensor and telemetry sources without worrying about the underlying technology.
  • Develop and Deploy in One Solution – Develop, test, and deploy all of your applications in Corva’s state-of-the-art hosting environment built on the AWS cloud.
  • Monetize App Ideas – Take your oil & gas solution from concept to market-ready app, enabling free lancers to get in front of buyers faster.

So, What’s in the Box?

  • Apps & Visualization – Corva has the best-looking apps in oil & gas. Corva Dev Center puts all of our UI and meticulously crafted app components at your fingertips so you can focus on the big picture.
  • Algorithms & Alerts – Access a library of pre-defined algorithms and build your own custom alerts against any available Corva data stream to receive real-time in-app alerts, text messages, or e-mail alerts.
  • Real-Time Data – With Corva Dev Center you can seamlessly tap into the industry’s only real-time data platform for QC’d drilling and completions data while augmenting it with your own datasets.

Develop with Confidence Backed by Corva Experts

With Dev Center, your team is backed by an authoritative team of software development and subject matter experts. Corva Developer Advocates are our very own software developers who will collaborate with, educate, and train your team to develop purpose-built applications leveraging our extensive platform experience. Tap into an expanding pool of expertise outside of Corva through Our Developer Network, a hand-picked team of talented developers that have the stamp of Corva approval who can assist you in fine-tuning your custom application development. Plus, Corva’s 24/7 support center is staffed by Oil & gas data analysts and subject matter experts are ready to support your production applications with on-demand troubleshooting and technical support.

Ready to explore the exciting new world of Corva Dev Center? We’ll have you setup in minutes with the oil & gas industry’s most sophisticated software delivery platform so your team can start imagining, crafting, and launching superior solutions in a fraction of the time and cost. And because it’s built with Corva technology, your apps will look amazing and deliver unmatched user experience.


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