Top 5 Benefits of Corva’s Drillouts Suite

Using Corva’s extensive suite of Drillout Apps, you can equip your team with the real-time analysis they need to efficiently drillout plugs while avoiding hazards. The Corva App Store for Drillouts has custom solutions dedicated to targeting hole cleaning, circulation, buckling, and other drillout challenges.

From providing insight into downhole conditions and crew performance to enabling your team to optimize operations in real-time, we’ve compiled the top 5 ways our purpose-built drillout analytics suite optimizes your post-frac operations:

#1 - Keep Key Stakeholders in the Loop

Accelerate knowledge sharing and minimize your learning curve with Corva Stream, which automatically aggregates data gathered from your coil tubing unit or workover rig and streams it directly into the Corva Cloud. Share this information efficiently and quickly, keeping your team and key stakeholders in the loop.

Corva’s real-time monitoring apps utilize the Corva Cloud and facilitate planning with your team to get ahead of costly stuck coiled tubing events. Our Drillouts Real-Time Traces and Tortuosity and Dogleg Severity apps automatically plot pick-up and slack-off points from Corva’s Activity Detection algorithms to help identify deviation from friction factor trends, evaluate the risk of getting stuck, and take the most effective remediation actions.

#2 - Track Your Progress in the Drillout Process

Ensure your operations are running smoothly by tracking your key indicators of performance and progress. Utilize our powerful alerts engine to avoid dangerous hazards in real-time and manage by exception.

Easily track crew performance and non-productive time for multiple types of workover rig activity with our Rig Activity. Get a specialized pie chart breakdown of day and night shifts for the last day or 2 tours, all calculated via Corva’s Activity Detection Algorithm.

#3 - Get Questions Answered in Real-Time

Get more detailed and accurate information fast with direct access to analysts through our Intercom integration. Your friction models and real-time data are being thoroughly QA/QC’d by industry professionals, ensuring high data quality.

Our Houston-based client success team is standing by 24/7 to troubleshoot any data issues that might hold you back, ready to respond in 17 seconds on average. Enhance your own knowledge with our robust library of content at

#4 - Capture Critical Digital Data

Easily collect all of the relevant information needed for effective pre-job planning and post-job analysis. Quickly access your stored data on the cloud for streamlined root-cause investigations.

Capitalize on your stored information and see your most important metrics with the Drillouts Real-Time Traces App. Corva’s Automated Activity Detection algorithm enables key benchmarking and analysis to ensure you’re staying on track. Perform a lookback analysis to past portions of the operation and add annotations and comments to the plot allowing for a more streamlined after-action process.

#5 - Level Up Your Well Knowledge

Corva’s platform is a one-stop-shop for real-time and historical drilling, completions, and drillout data. Troubleshoot any issues experienced during the drilling and hydraulic fracturing phases of the well to better plan and execute your drillout operations.

Gain a near endless spring of knowledge by accessing Corva’s 145+ apps for both drilling and completions, along with custom-made solutions created by a variety of our partners, including MGB, Drill2Frac, and NexTier.

Maximizing Your Drillouts Potential

From optimizing your plug drilling to helping visualize key parameters, Corva’s Drillouts suite streamlines your drillouts process for safer, more effective completions efforts.

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