Top 10 Ways to Save Millions on Offshore Drilling Operations

Corva is shrinking offshore drilling costs and dropping more revenue to the bottom line, from the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea to offshore Africa and the Asia Pacific.  Equipped with real-time data and the industry’s leading analytics platform spanning 65+ drilling apps, Corva’s clients are able to target efficiency and cost savings across the rig that enable them to bank millions in rig time and efficiency performance optimization.

With Corva, offshore operators gain multidimensional cost savings.  Real-world examples from our clients include:

  • $1.4M saved per rig per year by benchmarking crew connection times, setting goals, and safely increasing weight-to-weight speed
  • Setting a new field record for all-in ROP of 28.8m/hr., 45% above average by improving drilling and crew efficiencies
  • Avoiding an $80K roundtrip on a 17.5” intermediate section following MWD tool failure by leveraging offset data to accurately guide the wellbore and alert the driller to formation transition
  • Identifying crew performance targets to clearly align the drilling team and exceed P80 performance

Even a single Corva app can have an enormous impact on rig and crew performance, such as Corva Parameter Comparison that feeds the driller best-in-class parameters in real-time.  However,  it’s the combination of Corva apps that is a force multiplier, enabling offshore operators to safely hit new ROP records, minimize flat time, nimbly avoid hazards, and rapidly workaround expensive problems, such as MWD tool failure.

Here are the top 10 Corva apps to help boost your drilling efficiency and shrink costs by millions.

Drilling Connections/Histogram

Easily track crew performance and non-productive time for multiple types of rig activity, including connection times, with a pie chart breakdown of day and night shifts for the last day or 2 tours.

Formation Evaluation

Formation Evaluation visualizes geologic, petrophysical, and depth-indexed data.  View all of your logs (including real-time logging and LAS logs) in one platform to improve collaboration between G&G and drilling groups and streamline well log analysis across the well life cycle.

Time Analysis

Corva’s Time Analysis app provides real-time visualization of drilling and workover nonproductive time events.  It brings together BHAs, live WITSML data, and section information into a single view with client-defined NPT categories, and enables unprecedented insight into invisible flat time, including rig repairs, cementing, BOP testing, and other activity.

Flowback Fingerprinting

Easily detect emerging mud volume gain or lost circulation trends while connecting with Corva’s Fingerprinting app, which automatically compares flowback signatures from stand to stand.

Torque & Drag

Monitor wellbore conditions with real-time friction factor analysis and torque trend broomstick plot showing actual rotating-off-bottom torque compared to the predicted model.

Drillers Roadmap

Instantly mines offset well data and creates a set of recommendations (the roadmap) for each formation with color-coding to compare actual set points to the best-performing offset.

Tripping Speeds

Track goals and monitor trips in and out of hole for BHAs and casing runs, all or individual strings, with or without connection times.

Procedural Compliance

Monitors three back-to-bottom procedures to ensure that differential pressure and weight on bit are zeroed and that the driller maintains 40 RPM or less while going to bottom.

Parameter Comparison

Follow the leader by easily plotting up to 5 offsets with visual feedback to help drillers stay on target with best-performing parameters and a “look ahead” at the desired depth.


At a glance, see performance goals and rankings from best to worst in real-time for the rig, well, and hole section with user-defined KPIs for the basin, formation, and string design.

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