How to Cut Frac & Wireline Swaps in Half

Operational KPIs are something that should be tracked and constantly refined in order to drive performance higher and costs down for completions. As an example, challenging frac and wireline providers to reduce swap-over times. But in order to do this, teams need a way to track and compare performance across crews, set goals, and continuously improve. 

Here's how you can shrink swap over time by 25 minutes in just two weeks. For teams that take an hour to transition from frac to wireline, that's a 50% reduction!

Improvement Starts with a Goal

Corva’s Swap Over Times app allows target goals to be created at a company or user level. A Corva customer recently set a goal to trim 25 minutes within two weeks. By leveraging our Swap Over Times app, the operator quickly identified areas to improve operational efficiency and implemented best practices during the huddle with crews at shift change. This enabled them to quickly cut swap-over times in half within the first week and meet their goal of reducing times by 25 minutes within two weeks.

From Goal to Best-in-Class

Corva’s Swap Over Times app enables field and office personnel to visualize time spent transitioning between frac and wireline operations. Users can quickly assess the efficiency of swap overs as they occur in real-time and review previous transitions for the well or pad. The app helps users stay on track with their goals by showing a running average of swaps over time and the target with chart color coding to indicate which stages have missed the target time.

By automatically tracking swap-over times, the app equips the company man and remote supervisors with a data-driven tool that can help crews understand where to improve. Assuming 100 stages and a daily burn rate of $100,000, the operator in the previous example saved 42 hours swapping over and approximately $174,000. And that was just one goal on one pad and the customer is already setting new goals companywide.

Think about your current operational performance and how Corva's Swap Over Times app as well as 50 other completions-specific apps could take your team to the next level.

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