Predictive Drilling: A Layered Approach to Selecting Setpoints

Corva's Predictive Drilling solution employs a sophisticated three-layered approach to optimize setpoints, aiming for the most cost-effective performance per foot drilled. These layers consist of Drilling AI, Lookback Heatmap, and the Driller’s Roadmap.

Drilling AI

Corva's Drilling AI utilizes a robust multivariate objective function to seek optimal parameters, achieving higher rates of penetration (ROP) while minimizing vibration and stick/slip. Through minute-by-minute parameter sweeps across weight on bit (WOB), differential pressure (DIFF), and revolutions per minute (RPM), it simulates the resulting ROP and mechanical specific energy (MSE). Real-time WITSML data, BHA information, drilling fluid details, and vibration values contribute to this process. Parameters causing excessive vibration are excluded, and the refined setpoints are promptly communicated to the rig’s autodriller.

If the Drilling AI encounters constraints preventing the identification of suitable setpoints, control shifts to the next source.

Lookback Heatmap

In scenarios where Drilling AI faces challenges, the Predictive Drilling solution examines a heatmap of parameter combinations from the last 250-1000 feet drilled in the same formation. Updating dynamically as footage is drilled, this heatmap recommends setpoints based on recent well experiences. In instances where these recommended setpoints surpass current interface limits, the solution resorts to the Driller’s Road Map.

Driller’s Roadmap

Corva provides a comprehensive road map for each well, suggesting limits based on successful parameters from a selected group of offset wells. The road map covers WOB, DIFF, RPM, Bit RPM, Torque, MSE, ROP, Mud Density, and Flow In. User-editable, it can be tailored with additional or alternative offset wells. The road map can also generate recommendations based on ROP alone or a combination of ROP and MSE. When neither Drilling AI nor the Lookback Heatmap produces viable setpoints, Predictive Drilling sends the max recommended setpoints for WOB, DIFF, and RPM to the rig for execution.

By integrating a three-layered solution for setpoint optimization, Corva’s Predictive Drilling incorporates past insights from offset wells, present observations within the current well, and future predictions from Drilling AI, providing our clients with a distinct competitive advantage.


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