Powering Up Predictive Drilling with the Corva and Nabors Partnership

Corva, the leader in real-time drilling and completions analytics, and Nabors Industries (NYSE: NBR, "Nabors"), a leader in oilfield services and rig site automation technologies, today announced a strategic technology partnership in a move that brings a new level of intelligence to smart rigs. Operators will benefit from the seamless integration of Corva's App Store with Nabors' SmartROS™, RigCLOUD®, and edge computing platforms, enabling remote project oversight, accelerating well construction from concept to execution, and delivering even greater returns on customer investments. The announcement was made today at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) in Houston.

“Through this partnership, Corva and Nabors are creating a unified solution that addresses current industry gaps, touching everyone involved in drilling a well and elevating their experience on the rig or in the back office,” said Ryan Dawson, founder, and CEO of Corva. “This is truly a collaboration aimed at providing our customers more value, more effective channels for team communication, and a new world of possibilities for drilling automation by pairing best-in-class rig control systems and data pipelines with Corva's App Store, advanced machine learning and physics-based models, and industry-leading user experience.”

Nabors' SmartROS is a next-generation rig control and automation system with RigCLOUD providing high performance digital infrastructure for even the most remote operations through edge computing. Leveraging SmartROS, RigCLOUD, and Nabors' experience as the leader in drilling automation, Corva extends rig control and real-time data pipelines from the wellsite to the energy back office and mobile devices. The Nabors/Corva smart rig platform empowers onsite and remote users to interact, analyze, and collaborate in powerful new ways equipped with more than 100 Corva apps and dashboards that automate, monitor, and optimize drilling processes.

Through its new partnership, Nabors customers gain access to Corva's Predictive Drilling Apps, which incorporates advanced machine learning technology to help directional drillers anticipate conditions ahead of the bit and get back to path with automatically generated step-by-step recommendations, all augmented by Corva’s data from over 23,000 drilled wells, totaling 507,474,00 feet. When combined with Nabors’ real-time edge solutions, customers will be able to drill safer and more effectively.

Customers of the new Nabors/Corva smart rig platform will also have access to a wide variety of tools that can help to monitor, benchmark, and reduce emissions, providing a systematic approach to sustainability. Improvements to collaboration and productivity are all but guaranteed using Corva's social media style app annotations feature and integrations with Peloton WellView, Microsoft Teams, and Spotfire.

Overall, the partnership between Corva and Nabors bridges the gap between edge and cloud solutions while improving the return on investment for end-users, with no disruption to current workflows, and creates a best of both worlds situation for the office and drillers alike.


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