Introducing a Salvo of New Products Including a Fast and Flexible App Development Solution for Oil & Gas Teams

We are excited to announce the release of Corva’s Latest lineup of new products and apps. Leading the charge is Corva Dev Center. Oil & gas teams have long struggled with the tradeoffs of buying vs. building their own software solutions, often trading maintainability and cost with the customization and competitive edge. With Corva Dev Center, your team has the best of both worlds with a game-changing development solution that puts Corva’s stunning UI and data at the fingertips of your developers, techs, and data junkies so you can build exactly what you want, fast, seamlessly hosted, deployed, and managed on the Corva Cloud.

Our salvo of new products targets workflows and pain points at every stage of the well life cycle, including well design, formation evaluation, directional drilling, and well control. Explore the breadth and depth of Corva’s Latest release below featuring new product launches and powerful additions to our drilling cloud, all laser-focused on helping you drill better, safer, and more profitable wells.

Build Exactly What You Want, Fast

Corva Dev Center is a new paradigm in oil & gas application development that enables energy professionals (and free-lance developers) to rapidly create enterprise-level business solutions, built and hosted on the cloud. Gain access to Corva’s extensive library of out of the box app templates, visualization components, algorithms, and data integrations so your team can spend less time worrying about infrastructure and creating code from scratch and more time designing fit for purpose solutions that can be fast-tracked to the front lines to solve drilling, completions, well design, and production challenges. With Corva Dev Center your organization will own what it builds (100% IP ownership), tap into an expanding ecosystem of components, and manage the complete application life cycle in ONE platform. All backed by Corva’s Developer Advocates, Developer Network, and 24/7 support center.

Journey to a 5-Minute Pad Program

The introduction of Corva’s Composite Well Design and Well Schematic apps are the first entries in our Well Design product suite that will ultimately empower your team to create a complete well pad program in less than 5 minutes. Automatically generate composite (technical limit) and average wells required for AFEs and visualize on a day vs. depth plot and interactive waterfall chart that breaks down performance from rig move to lateral sections. Plus, capture and communicate design objectives across the life cycle with Corva’s interactive Well Schematic app that automatically updates during drilling.

Power Up Well Log Analysis

Corva’s Formation Evaluation app equips your entire team with powerful well log analysis capabilities for geologic, petrophysical, and depth-indexed data. View all of your logs (including real-time logging and LAS logs) in one platform to improve collaboration between G&G and drilling groups and streamline well log analysis across the well life cycle. The Formation Evaluation app displays tracks for depth-based data using one of Corva’s out of the box log templates for common logging tool suites – triple, quad combo, etc. Corva users can also build and share custom templates to match their specific requirements by adding tracks from available real-time data sources or uploaded log files with the ability to combine both types in a single view.

Stay in the Zone with Directional Guidance

Corva Directional Guidance enables the DD to monitor multiple rigs simultaneously, cut back to plan times, and balance economic outcomes. Model thousands of potential paths to pinpoint the optimal drilling steps back to plan using smart algorithms, just as easy as getting turn by turn directions from your GPS navigation. Target specific business drivers – ROP, footage in zone, wellbore tortuosity, etc. – with in-app settings and the app optimizes drilling steps accordingly so your team no longer has to trade drilling costs for production. Visualize bit divergence with planned and actual trajectories, monitor procedural KPIs, and get a replay of drilling steps for quick lookback analysis. Plus, Corva’s Bit Projection app delivers additional rotary/slide trend insight for thin formations with projected bit position, build rate, turn rate, and other metrics.

Take Control of Flowback

We’re extending Corva’s Well Control suite with 2 new apps. Easily detect emerging mud volume gain or lost circulation trends while connecting with Corva’s Fingerprinting app, which automatically compares flowback signatures from stand to stand. Automate data collection and calculations while tripping with Corva’s Trip Sheet app that gives on-site and remote teams instant access to leading indicators of flowback events with a real-time trip table showing direction, tank volumes, and displacement.

Take a deeper dive into our new products and see Corva’s Dev Center or apps in action. Contact Corva now to schedule time with our product experts.


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