How to Pick the Best BHA Every Time

Selection of the bottom hole assemblies for a new well is an art and a science. To optimize ROP, drillers need to pick the right drill bit or mud motor for the job, factor in a multitude of drilling parameters – like weight on bit and RPM – and have an extensive understanding of subsurface conditions. There are a lot of moving parts and hundreds of variables, making BHA selection a monumental task. But what if you could open an app on your phone and find the perfect BHA in just a few minutes?

Corva’s New BHA Optimization App

With Corva, drilling engineers no longer have to reinvent the wheel (or BHA in this case) every time. Our new BHA Optimization app harnesses the data from hundreds of historical BHA runs and offset wells to recommend the ideal BHA configuration for a target well. Featuring a box and whisker plot, the app allows easy tracking of BHA run length, speed, tendencies, and the drilling parameters that yield optimal results with a specific bit.

Value of Optimizing BHA Selection

Depending on the type of well being drilled and the depth, drillers need to select anywhere from 4 to 10 different BHAs for a new well. Traditional methods of BHA selection require engineers to gather data on equipment performance and target formations and then perform extensive calculations using multiple spreadsheets, a process that often takes weeks. Corva’s drilling analytics platform organizes historical performance metrics, offset well data, and best practices in the cloud, taking the BHA selection process from weeks to minutes.

In addition to the massive time savings during BHA selection, Corva’s BHA app accelerates drilling by optimizing ROP, reducing slide time for laterals, and getting more mileage out of every BHA. With Corva, drillers can pick the best-in-class BHA every time.


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