Innovate. Collaborate. Accelerate: Corva’s 2023 Hackathon

The Corva Hackathon 2023, with its theme of "Innovate. Collaborate. Accelerate.", surpassed all expectations, bringing together industry leaders and Corva developers to tackle real-world challenges head-on. This 2-day event, held on July 20-21, witnessed an impressive lineup of participating teams from leading energy companies, including Baker Hughes, Cenovus Energy, Chevron, Cold Bore Technology, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Emerald Surf Sciences, Marathon Oil, Nabors Industries, Newpark Fluid Solutions,  NexTier Oilfield Solutions, Shell, Trinity Operating and The University of Tulsa. 

The mission was clear - build a functional app within 24 hours using Corva's Dev Center platform, aimed at solving pressing industry issues. As the clock ticked away, the teams worked relentlessly, fueled by their passion for innovation and the prospect of making a significant impact.

The hackathon culminated in a thrilling live demo presentation, where each team showcased their newly developed apps before a distinguished panel of judges. The judging criteria encompassed three crucial categories: Impact, Idea, and Execution. The panel featured industry experts, Brandon Amos, Scott Ball, Robert Jones, and Wade Pinder, who brought their wealth of knowledge to evaluate the projects objectively. Check out the award-winning categories and apps:

Best Idea: Emerald Surf Sciences
Real-Time Fluid Rheology Management App

Emerald Surf’s Real Time Fluid Rheology Management App was built to streamline data capture from multiple wellsite platforms and visualize it in real-time on a frac plug drillout app. By aggregating data on their own software, OpsViewer, from coiled tubing units, flow back spreads, and fluid rheology control units (FRCS), the app enables you to visualize CTU weight, ROP, depth, pressures, fluid rheology parameters, and chemical usage. As a result, the app makes it easier to make real-time data-driven decisions for maximum efficiency during frac plug drillout operations.

Best Execution: NexTier
Power Solutions App (Natural Gas Fueling Just-in-Time Delivery Management)

NexTier’s Power Solutions App is designed as a real-time CNG inventory system for wellsites. It provides real-time visibility of gas supply pressure to the wellsite, enabling you with live readings and inventory of CNG trailers on site. This app eliminates the need for post-stage straps and meter readings and provides more accurate emissions tracking and calculations.

Biggest Impact: Trinity Operating
Formation Boundaries Prediction App

Trinity Operating’s Dynamic Roadmap App incorporates company roadmaps into a dynamic workflow to predict formation boundaries. By using a machine learning model, the app is able to forecast gamma rays and detect formation top using offset well similarity. It was designed for the intermediate well section to alert drillers to adjust drilling parameters proactively to extend bit life.

Each winning team received well-deserved recognition and accolades for their exceptional contributions. The Corva Hackathon not only showcased the teams' creativity and problem-solving skills but also underlined the power of collaboration and innovation within the energy industry.

Our Additional Competing Teams

Although not every team claimed a trophy, they all played an integral role in this event and it's essential to recognize the incredible efforts and brilliant ideas put forth by all. Here are some of the remarkable apps developed by the other participating companies:

Baker Hughes developed the Fluid Trend Monitor App that visualizes real-time fluid properties, enables easy comparison with manual checks, and provides trend analysis to ensure fluids stay within specifications. Additionally, it calculates the evaporation rate of drilling fluids based on real-time weather data and presents it in a clear visual format.

Cenovus Energy’s team created the Well Breathing App that helps drillers distinguish between “well breathing” and fluid influx during drilling. By providing valuable insights into fluid quantities, it enhances pressure management and improves drilling safety and efficiency.

Chevron’s Tight Hole NPT Lookback Analysis Tool App is designed for stuck pipe prevention while drilling through difficult formations. Given the large number of variables that come into play, the app leverages a Machine Learning algorithm that considers all parameters prone to affect drilling performance, such as the geometry of the well, lithology, fluids, and drilling operational parameters.

The Cold Bore Technology team developed the Drill Out Loss Circulation Analysis Tool (DOL-CAT) App that enhances drilling safety and efficiency by providing real-time insights into fluid loss. It offers a comprehensive view of drillout operations, including a 2D wellbore and correlated Frac Stage.

ConocoPhillips team created the Real-time Workover Summary App featuring an interactive and real-time Wellbore diagram to improve field usage. The app provides real-time bit position with BHA indicators to identify the current status of the workover, creating a visualization of the equipment being run in and pulled out of hole.

The ExxonMobil team built a Data Stream Quality Check App that ensures reliable data from WITSML by flagging discrepancies for investigation. With three simple checks, it verifies data accuracy, channel alignment, and uniqueness. The app presents a clear view with traffic lights to identify good or bad data streams instantly.

Marathon Oil + The University of Tulsa teamed up and created a Pump Insight App that offers transparency and efficiency in pumping operations. Crews can make informed decisions with visualized daily pumping rates, optimize well selection, and track performance.

Nabors Industries had two teams competing in the Hackathon.

  • One of the Nabors teams built a Plan Execution Tracker App that allows users to easily determine if the rig is efficiently executing the drilling plan, track its performance on the well, and stay on top of whether operations are running on schedule.
  • The second Nabors team created the ROP Optimization Metrics App, integrating Predictive Drilling with Nabors’ SmartDRILL, allowing you to easily track usage and system monitoring, resulting in maximum efficiency for operations.

The Newpark Fluid Solutions team developed the ClearCut Real-Time Hole Cleaning App, designed to accurately model hole cleaning using real-time drilling data and builds a complete Hole Cleaning Model.

Shell had two teams competing in the Hackathon.

  • One of the Shell teams created the Downhole Positioning App to help estimate the true depth of the liner during completion activities for both pick-up and slack-off operations.
  • Shell’s second team developed the Hypercare App focused on live completions and drilling data and allowing the user to add annotations and phase out activities in real-time.

Paving the Way to the Digital Future

The Corva Hackathon 2023 was a resounding success, reinforcing the energy industry's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participating teams, the esteemed panel of judges, and everyone involved in making this event a triumph.

As we look ahead, Corva remains dedicated to driving digital transformation in the energy sector through our Dev Center and innovative partnerships. Together, we can pave the way to a more efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced future.

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