Drill Faster Without Sacrificing Bit Life

Toeing the line between fast ROP and extending bit life is a constant struggle. ROP improvements from BHA technology have slowed, underscoring the importance of software innovation to push the envelope further. Corva helps identify that optimal balance using real-time data and analytics, enabling you to have your cake and eat it too.

Spotting Dysfunction

Corva’s MSE vs. Depth app plots downhole MSE alongside the ROP curve to correlate MSE and ROP trends. Users can also view offset MSE, UCS curves, gamma, and formation tops, all in one integrated view. This enables drillers to extend BHA runs by rapidly identifying dysfunctional drilling conditions and proactively avert unnecessary bit wear by adjusting ROP and other parameters on the fly.


Best used in intermediate and lateral sections, Corva’s MSE and ROP heatmaps maximize ROP and extend bit life by enabling users to rapidly respond to changing subsurface conditions.

Heatmaps make knowing when to hit the gas as easy as watching a traffic light. Heatmaps give users familiar red, yellow, and green color coding that highlight optimal drilling parameters for WOB, Diff, and RPM. Green heatmap color indicates lower MSE and higher ROP.

Driller’s Roadmap

The Driller’s Roadmap completely automates offset well analysis, giving your team the perfect tool to select optimal parameters in the intermediate and plan for the next formation top. The app mines performance data from nearby wells to produce a best-in-class composite of parameters through each formation.
The Roadmap also provides a scorecard for the current well’s actual performance vs. the best-offset well performance using red, yellow, and green color coding. This enables crews to continuously optimize ROP by adjusting WOB and RPM to match or beat the offset benchmark.


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