Corva’s New 2023 App Bundle Maximizes Drilling Efficiency

Corva, the leader in data-driven solutions for the energy industry, today announced the release of its 2023 App Bundle for Drilling customers, which includes seven apps focused on helping oil & gas producers design and drill higher-performing wells while maximizing drilling efficiencies and crew performance. The 2023 App Bundle equips drilling teams with powerful new tools to benchmark against regional offset well performance, uncover flat and invisible lost time, monitor in real time the location of wells in relation to offset wells, and safely push drilling equipment to the technical limits.

“As we move into 2023, the market for oil and gas remains strong with US operators skillfully drilling large numbers of wells on a single pad to meet demand, underscoring the need for digital tools to optimize operations and ensure maximum output,” said Ryan Dawson, Corva's founder and CEO. “Our 2023 App Bundle is squarely aimed at helping producers plan and execute even higher performing wells while reducing costs by leveraging nearby well data, best practices, and lessons learned in the same formations.”

Corva's new Anonymous Insights offset well comparison solution makes its debut in the seven app bundle. Drilling KPI data from nearby wells can be critical for planning future wells in the same region, including identifying performance improvement opportunities based on a vendor-agnostic playing field. The new app allows operators to opt-in to securely share anonymous data collected while drilling, such as equipment used and weight on bit, to help all parties set attainable operational goals.

Other apps include the Time Analysis app that provides visualization into flat and invisible lost time events, comparing run over run, section over section, well over well, and more.  Additionally, the NPT and Lessons Learned app reduces time mining NPT spreadsheets for multiple wells. Currently, in the testing phase with a final release in April, the Anti-Collision app enables anti-collision teams at the office or onsite to collaborate and make informed decisions using a common visualization..


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