Corvacon: Leaning into Dev Talk, Partnerships, and Relentless Innovation

In A New Mandate for the Oil & Gas Chief Information Officer, McKinsey's digital benchmark shows that most energy companies take 6 to 12 months to go from idea to deployment. Adding fuel to the fire is a worldwide shortage of skilled software developers and the #1 area that companies of all sizes are feeling the pain is data analytics. It's worse for oil & gas where the need for digital transformation is only intensifying without the developers and analytics to make it happen.

Against this backdrop, Corva launched its biannual user conference last week with a new focus on building the future of oil & gas by making software development easier to access and accelerating the process of getting an application from idea to deployment from months to days. We've flipped the old model on its head and Corva's mission of community, collaboration, and connection is the catalyst to ramp up digital oilfield transformation.

Following on the heels of Corva's Hackathon, Corvacon showcased Corva Dev center innovation from our customers and partner ecosystem, including Shell, Oxy, NexTier, IWS, Reveal Energy, and Frontier with a special guest presentation from Patterson-UTI's CEO. Plus, the latest on Corva Dev Center and App Store, Corva Dev fund reveal, and winners of the Corva Hackathon.

Corvacon's New, Sharper Focus

Corvacon is embracing dev talk full on. We've ditched our SPE style presentations because we had an awakening during our spring event where there was a "holy smokes" moment seeing our users get pumped up about building solutions with Dev Center, moving you from the back seat to the driver's seat, and putting energy professionals in charge of their own destiny.

Watch as Corva founder and CEO, Ryan Dawson, shares his perspective on upskilling our industry to innovate at their full potential and build the tools that drive faster, cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient oilfield operations.

Meet the Talent Behind Dev Center

From Corva Dev Center's back-end to the Corva Design System, discover how Corva is eliminating development distractions so we can focus our attention on making your development experience flawless. Watch as the Corva dev team shares their enthusiasm for Dev Center, including Dev Advocates Michael Cortez and Brandon Jenkins, QA automation engineer Oleg Sulyma, front-end development team manager Oleksandr Krupko, and the mastermind behind our stunning look and feel, UX design manager Eugenia Skryabina.

The New Trifecta of Innovation

Operators, service companies, startups - this is the trifecta of innovation where everyone works around a common goal to achieve more than the sum of the parts ever could. Dev Center is breaking down data silos and siloed innovation. Discover firsthand from the innovators on the digital oilfield front lines what new capabilities Dev Center is driving, including Patterson-UTI, IWS, Reveal Energy, NexTier, and Frontier.

Corva and Patterson-UTI, Better Together

Patterson-UTI, one of the largest drilling contractors in the world, and Corva are now collaborating to leverage pooled strengths and integrate Corva's rich visualization and analytics with Patterson-UTI's Cortex® Key digital infrastructure that enables high-performance computing and analytics even in remote drilling operations. With 30 years of experience moving data from offshore and land rigs to operators, Patterson-UTI's CEO Andy Hendricks outlines the collaboration challenges facing the industry and how the new Corva/Patterson-UTI partnership advances teamwork from hard-wired processes to an organic approach that offers greater flexibility and operational efficiencies.

Innovation is a Team Sport

It's only been a year since Corva launched Dev Center and oil & gas went all in. In fact, we've got 50+ apps in the Dev Center pipeline from a variety of Corva partners and this is just the beginning. Corva App Store is the single source to find and use apps, a callout to anyone with a digital oilfield idea who does not know where to start. Dev Center is how you build for the App Store from procurement and logistics to production and field operations. The sky's the limit!

Back Your App with the $5M Corva Fund

Corva was born in a garage, and we believe more great innovation can come from similarly modest beginnings. That's why we've launched a $5,000,000 investment fund to back dreamers, tinkerers, and hobbyists working on the next big idea. Corva's Dev Center and Apps Store coupled with hard cash to bring your ideas to life are unlocking even more potential to deploy solutions to hundreds of rigs overnight, build apps in a fraction of the time, and combine analytics and data together in powerful new ways.

Our Stress Test for Innovators

Under pressure and tight timelines, developers often innovate at their full potential. Add in a little friendly competition and tech prizes and things really start to cook. Corva Hackathon is about learning what you can do with your data and opening up creativity that leads to innovative ways of solving real oil & gas business problems. During a 24-hour developer jam session (fueled by coffee and lack of sleep) 4 teams competed to build a Dev center app worthy of our judging categories - idea, execution, and impact.

  • Shell - process safety visualization dashboard for real-time mud system monitoring using traffic lights to monitor more wells simultaneously
  • Oxy – rig and production scheduling app to optimize cash flow with various assumptions, including oil price and operational cost
  • Frontier - managed pressure drilling app that automates statistical analysis for connections, pumps, and choke
  • Corva R&D - Corva's very own "Doctor Strange" team built a real-time Nolte-Smith back end analysis to identify screenouts in Completions

Each team presented their final app idea at Corvacon and took questions from the audience. No spoilers here, watch to the end to see which teams took home the prize for their apps.

The Breakout Technical Sessions

Looking for more Corvacon content? Be sure to check out the technical breakout sessions for detailed workflows on building Dev Center apps, deep dives into algorithms, and much more below:

Greg Payette, ExxonMobil

Branum Stephan, Corva

Daniel Braga, Corva

the Future of Apps

Kriti Singh, Corva


Michael Cortez - Running Custom Business Logic

Running Custom Business Logic in Dev Center in 3 Easy Steps
Michael Cortez, Corva

Alex Winter - Tally Energy Services

Frac Rheology Monitoring

Alex Winter, Tally Energy Services

Ben Dickinson - Nextier

Delivering Operations at Lower-Cost, Lower-Carbon, and Higher Tech
Ben Dickinson, NexTier

William Standifird - Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Digital Completions - Enhanced Safety, Reliability and Efficiency
William Standifird, IWS

Sai Yalamarty, Deep Joshi - Solve Safety + Performance

Building Smarter Alarms to Solve Safety & Performance
Sai Yalamarty and Deep Joshi, Corva



Curtis Cheatham, Corva


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