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Drilling - Empowering Energy Companies with Next-Generation Drilling Software

Optimize your drilling operations with Corva. Our advanced analytics and real-time insights enable you to make informed decisions, improve performance, and reduce costs.

Optimize Drilling Operations

GeoDrilling - Unprecedented Subsurface Insights

Precisely drill through the most effective zones by accessing your subsurface depth-based data, drilling analytics, and integrated geologic datasets in one place.

Predictive Drilling - Drilling Automation, Consistency, and Efficiency with AI

Drive high-performance drilling efficiency across fleets, resulting in better well performance to turn your P50 into a P75 well.

Completions - Real-Time Completions and Frac Fleet Monitoring

Maximize the efficiency of your completions process, streamline workflows, and unlock the full potential of your assets with Corva's intelligent solutions.

GeoCompletions - On-Demand Drilling and Geologic Data During Frac Operations

With integrated geoscience insights, teams can adjust stage design, optimize treatment set points, inform wireline operations, and prevent costly screenouts.

Sustainability - Accelerate Lower Carbon and Sustainable Water Technologies

Corva helps teams achieve their sustainability goals through visualizations of emissions KPIs, water quality trends, and process efficiencies in real-time.


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Infinite Data Quality

Fusion combines industry experts with advanced technologies and processes to provide seamless data ingestion with unmatched data quality transparency for driving continuous improvement across your operations.

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Data Ingestion

Fusion’s proprietary data ingestion platform seamlessly aggregates well information management system data, stream data, and vendor data in real -time, and rapidly flags data quality issues related to incoming data.

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Health Score

As part of Fusion, Corva has developed the industry’s first data quality scoring system to increase visibility of data quality across various ingested sources. Our goal is to reach the highest data quality score in the fastest amount of time.

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Data Quality Operations

Fusion is guided by 50+ energy experts dedicated to monitoring our customer’s data quality 24/7, 365.

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