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Top Workflows to Supercharge Your Drilling and Completions Operations

Drive performance efficiencies across drilling and completions operations with these top workflows. Watch Corva product experts show that by simply setting up these workflows, your teams can:

  • Safely accelerate ROP
  • Performance tune connection times
  • Automate drilling parameters and reduce costs
  • Maximize pumping efficiency
  • Optimize fracturing treatments
  • Uncover invisible NPT

Top Drilling Workflows to Boost ROP and Benchmark Performance

Vertical ROP Improvement Workflow

By utilizing this powerful workflow consisting of Days vs Depth, Rotary Trend Analysis and Parameter Comparison app solutions, increase on-bottom ROP and streamline the timelines of your engineers.

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Driller’s Roadmap Workflow

Automatically generate recommended and optimal drilling parameters by using this workflow. Once ROP objectives are set, recommendations are given based on analysis of selected offset wells while scoring is performed to show how closely recommended drilling parameters are followed by the driller. This includes making notes for warnings and hazards.

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Performance Benchmarking & Connection Time Optimization Workflow

Shaving time on each connection adds up to big savings. Rather than spending hours benchmarking and tracking crew performance, by utilizing this connection time workflow, operators have moved from a manual-intense process to a streamlined, zero-headache process that provides the ability to more immediately implement cost savings measures and reduce connection times by more than 50%.

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Top Workflows to Maximize Pumping Efficiency and Improve Recovery from Stimulation

Drilling Data and Treatment Overlays Workflow

With this workflow, operators are gaining a real-time view of fracturing performance and an improved understanding on the differences between stage performance and efficiency, and pressures and consumables to analyze trends. The real-time visibility of trends offers the capability to dial in on areas for improvement and use them to plan future completions.

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Swap Over Time and NPT Analysis Workflow

Analyzing NPT during a frac job is all too often a manual process that fails to keep up with the pace of operations. This workflow will help you compare detected invisible NPT (identified by Corva) and reported NPT to find discrepancies or view differences in crew performance by filtering out long swaps (100+ min.) to compare day and night shift performance and set goals to improve.

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Pad Metrics and Completion Metrics Workflow

Struggling with a fragmented view of performance across fleets and pads? This workflow provides a complete view of wells and the subsurface by bringing formation data from drilling together with completions. Compare active pad and historical performance (over a year, quarter, etc.) and use calculated averages for planning your next well/stage.  It’s vendor agnostic so you have added capability to assess performance across different frac crews. Plus, Activity Detection helps you analyze time vs. stage data (fracturing time, pad time, flush time) to quickly identify problem stages.

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