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Save Your Drilling Teams Time and Money with these 5 Apps and Features from Corva

Staying ahead within the Oil and Gas industry requires constant advancement and innovation, especially when it comes to managing data quality. Not doing so can lead to endless and costly problems, from minor inefficiencies to major spills and equipment malfunctions.

With a suite of more than 145+ drilling and completions apps, Corva has become the app store for Oil & Gas teams. The benefits of our app ecosystem and real-time ops center are innumerable – they do the work for you by automating physics-based models and analysis and supporting your team at every moment. Simply open up a pre-built Corva dashboard or create a blank dashboard and start adding apps.

But with so many choices, it can be hard to figure out where to begin on your journey to optimization. Here are our picks for the top 5 Corva apps and features you can use right out the box to start saving both time and money.

WellHub: The One Stop Well Data Shop

Sifting through endless graphs and spreadsheets is nothing but a hassle. Save time hunting through these scattered datasets by accessing everything related to a well in any location including real-time and unstructured data (e.g., PDFs), well events, notifications, and the latest activity. You’ll also be able to see a grand overview of your entire operation with the ability to see all of your wells at a glance with the Asset Map.

wellhub (1)

Real-Time Traces: Visualize Data Faster

Corva’s industry-leading Traces tool helps you avoid excessive time spent on analyzing raw data streams and WITSML traces from your drilling fleet while simplifying analysis with rich visualizations, including tracks for predicted activity from Corva’s machine learning model. With additional features such as shareable, customizable templates and the ability to create annotations and comments, you can also better streamline communication between your whole team.

Traces (2)

Offset Driller’s Roadmap: Optimize Well Planning

Make planning out your next well a breeze by eliminating the need for manual data analysis to find the Best-in-Class (BIC) drilling parameters. With the Offset Driller’s Roadmap, you can instantly search your offset wells for the ideal combination of these BIC parameters before precisely executing with tools to help the driller overlay offset parameters, ensuring set points are followed at every stage.

Offset Drillers Roadmap 2 (1)

Torque and Drag: Identify Issues Faster

Downhole problems can easily spell disaster for any drilling operation. Our Torque Broomstick Plot app allows you to see your data points plot in real-time, overlay formation tops, and view more key information to better identify and anticipate poor hole cleaning and reaming issues in real-time. Gain clear insight into pick-up, slack-off, and rotating-off-bottom Hookload trends compared to the predicted model and save big on operational costs.

Torque and Drag (1)

Procedural Compliance: Improving Safety

When working on a rig, safety is king. Ensure that drilling crews follow standard operating procedures for zeroing of differential pressure, zeroing of weight on bit, and back-to-bottom procedures to limit hazardous accidents and ensure operations continue to move smoothly. 

Procedual compliance 1 (1)

With easy-to-understand interfaces and real-time data management, Corva has the apps you need to improve your operations and increase efficiency.

Start your journey to saving time and money with Corva.