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Where Drillers, Geoscientists, and Engineers Collaborate

Corva's Geoscience solutions equip your entire team with powerful visualizations for geological, petrophysical, and other depth-based data. The Geoscience Suite of apps brings everyone to the same data stream, providing live access to current and archived historical well information, allowing you to better understand and course correct, on-site and in real time.

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Reach New Levels of Operational Synergy

Corva’s Geoscience Suite brings engineering and geoscience teams together around a shared view of the subsurface, providing your entire team with powerful visualizations, analysis, and collaboration capabilities for geologic, petrophysical, and depth-indexed data.

Formation Evaluation

View all of your depth-based logs in one interface to improve communication between geoscientists and drilling engineers, streamlining the decision-making process across the well life cycle.

Screenshot of Formation Evaluation dashboard


Enhance workflows and collaboration between your geoscience and drilling teams to solve the problem of mission-critical information delays and costly sidetracks with live access to current and archived historical well information, no matter your team’s location.

Screenshot of Geosteering Visualization dashboard

3D Earth Model

Manage more wells with greater spatial awareness with the ability to see key drilling and completion related data in an interactive 3D environment, improving your real-time decision making and historical insights.

Screenshot of 3D Earth dashboard

Quality Data for Every Decision

140-Point QC Checks

Corva elevates data quality to new levels with real time automated data quality controls backed by seasons analysts who score your rig data streams and ensure a 100% accurate dataset is stored after every drilling project.

24/7 Houston-Based Support Team

Corva supports your drilling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with our highly experienced, dedicated client success team standing by to troubleshoot any data issues that might hold you back.


Capture, Communicate, Collaborate

From within Corva’s apps, drop a comment or file in context with geoscience data, then keep the conversation going with team communication tools and automated rig activity updates.

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