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Corva Feed, Your Single Source for Everything Drilling and Completions

Drilling and completion projects are heavily dependent on collaboration among large teams who may be separated by hundreds of miles. Orchestration requires meticulous attention to constantly evolving operational activity, data, and communications across multiple channels. Conversations often take place in isolation through e-mail while files are swapped on network drives or cloud file-sharing services. It’s chaotic, lacks transparency, and impedes productivity.

Corva’s Feed is the information sharing, collaboration driving, and productivity powering solution D&C teams have long needed. It seamlessly brings data, people, and assets together where users can follow rig and frac fleet operations, and marry their industry expertise to the data in a transparent collaboration workspace. Here is what you can expect to see in your Activity feed:

Automated Updates and Alerts

The Corva activity feed aggregates the most important ongoing D&C operations on a single page. At the heart of the Feed is our automated activity detection, which spans Corva’s integrated drilling and completions platform. Relevant feed content is automatically tagged by rig and well posted to your Feed. Content includes:

  • Operations Summaries and Notes
  • Daily Cost and NPT Reports
  • BHA and Bit Runs
  • Fluid Reports/Survey Stations
  • Well Plans
  • Stage Overviews

Corva’s extensive array of alerts are also automatically posted to the Activity Feed, such as wash out, screen out, divergence, or procedural compliance alerts.

Corva App Annotations

Corva users can add Annotations to any of our D&C apps. Users can create annotations, comment, mention teammates, and upload attachments directly on Apps. This gives users unprecedented capabilities to capture best practices, lessons learned, and capture drilling and completion insights directly on live data.

Annotations immediately appear in the Activity Feed, tagged according to the associated assets. What’s more, the app view in which the Annotation was made is directly embedded, enabling users to easily see the context of the Annotation and interact with the app directly.

What’s Trending?

The Corva Activity Feed combines automated rig and frac fleet updates with the industry expertise of your teams to become the single touchpoint for your Drilling and Completion operational needs. And just like the social media and team productivity tools you are already familiar with, Corva also enables users to create their own posts and engage with content in their feed. If you see an update about a BHA run going the extra mile or a well trending to plan, give it a “like.” Start a conversation or ask a question. Upload videos and photos. Tag other users, groups (e.g., @Alaska Drilling) or assets, all filterable so you can get a big picture or drill down to specific asset feeds.

One powerful way Corva users utilize the Activity Feed is posting case studies to drive a conversation and further analysis. Think of how teams typically work – offline, disconnected from live data, unable to capture and keep conversations in context. With Corva’s Activity Feed, however, your team can now collaborate around a case study with the associated data just a click or tap away.