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Corva, Coffee, and the Morning Drilling Report

It’s a ritual that is repeated hundreds of times every morning.  Nearing the end of the night shift, onsite company men toil to complete the morning drilling report, which is traditionally a PDF file encapsulating the previous 24 hours of well work, safety incidents, and outlook for the next 24-hour evolution.  The rite concludes when the PDF is e-mailed to HQ, normally around 4:00 in the morning.

The morning report is a staple of the daily crew meeting.  And like coffee, Corva is increasingly a part of the morning routine.

The Morning Report Dashboard

Dashboards are one of the most powerful ways to use Corva and we’ve designed several out-of-the-box dashboard templates to get our customers up and running fast.  Corva’s Morning Report Dashboard combines the functionality of multiple individual apps into one holistic view suitable for presentation on a large screen or TV.  At a glance, users can see:

  • Days vs. depth
  • ROP performance
  • Nonproductive time
  • Directional divergence
  • Slide percentage
  • Toolface vs. MD
  • Connection times

And it’s all interactive, data-driven, and up to date at any given time.  Dashboards can also be extended and customized to fit specific customer needs or drilling projects.  Just add additional Corva apps from our growing list, such as our Driller’s Roadmap, BHA Optimization app, or Custom KPIs.

The Morning Report Dashboard delivers more than the basic daily drilling report numbers – it’s a jumping off point for more granular analysis using the ecosystem of Corva apps and other dashboards.  For example, if Toolface vs. MD indicates a performance issue with the directional driller, users can take a deeper dive by clicking through to the Directional Dashboard for the asset.

Corva at The Daily Crew Meeting

Think of our Morning Report Dashboard as a sort of sidekick to the more venerable, unstructured morning report.  Our customers will often display both side by side on separate large screen TVs during the morning crew meeting to guide the conversation.  Corva’s analytics, interactive visualization, and ability to drill-down to other apps and dashboards for a more granular view clearly set our dashboard apart, but customers also use Corva to supplement information between when the morning report was filed at 4:00 AM and when meetings take place at 7:00 AM.  A lot can happen on a rig in a few hours!

Old habits, like the morning report PDF, are slow to change, but change is inevitable for daily crew meetings where data is the key to higher rig and crew efficiency.  As acceptance of Corva’s real-time analytics continues to take root (and with a couple of extra enhancements, such as a time log), Corva’s real-time morning report dashboard will grow out of its supporting role and take center stage in morning meetings.