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5 Alerts to Keep Completions Running Safely and Efficiently

With a hundred or more data channels flowing from a spread, staying tuned into completions and knowing when to modify operations is exceedingly difficult even when you’re sitting in the frac van or wireline logger. Track completions from anywhere and bring your team into the loop at the right time with Corva’s automated alerts and algorithms that sift completions data for leading indicators of screenouts, treatments deviating from design, and potential wireline problems.

1. End of Stage Alert

With Corva, there’s no need to split your attention between multiple ongoing completions. Get notified immediately when a fracturing or wireline stage is completed and receive and end of stage report detailing treatment, plug placement, and more.

2. Stage Design vs. Actual Alert

Completion teams don’t always know when a stage is pumped outside of design until well after the fact, in which time for additional stages may also deviate. Know exactly when a stage deviates from design with an instant alert that enables engineers to quickly respond and take appropriate action.

3. Mid-Stage Shutdown Alert

Sends an alert to users immediately when a problematic stage requiring a shutdown occurs. This is especially useful for remote operations who are monitoring multiple completions, enabling them to instantly redirect their attention to troubleshooting.

4. Pressure Spike Alert

A pressure increase over a short time range is a strong leading indicator of a screenout. Corva automatically analyzes changes in pressure then sends an alert to your inbox and phone when a hazardous pressure trend is identified. Plus, use the historical alerts to understand the bigger picture of pressure spikes for the well.

5. Wireline Alert

This alert empowers your team to easily monitor wireline operations without the need to continuously track every plug and perf. Keep wireline running smoothly and know instantly when speed or tension exceed operating standards.

Beyond these out-of-the-box alerts, the Corva platform supports just about any type of alert that can be linked to a data source or event across your frac fleets, such as horsepower hours, offset well pressure, and even emissions. Armed with Corva, you can sit back, relax and be confident that completions are running smoothly and that the right people will be brought into the decision loop as soon as they are needed.

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