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About Corva

A single rig can transmit up to a terabyte of data a day. Are your engineers and wellsite superintendents able to quickly view and identify the most useful information? Thanks to Corva’s capabilities of providing cloud-based oil and gas software, they can. Our drilling and completions energy software are built to optimize your industrial workflow.

About Corva
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Our Mission & Values

Corva's mission is to accelerate the Energy industry into the future.


Corvanauts are bold and take risks. They have the confidence and courage to question the status quo for the products we make, customer relationships we cultivate, and co-workers we depend on. Being bold is how we live our lives.

Own End-to-End

Corvanauts take end-to-end ownership for what we start and make sure it gets to completion. We are trustworthy and dependable. We have a responsibility to humans and the earth to leave it better than we found it.


Corvanauts are fanatical about openness and transparency. We constantly share our updates with customers and co-workers. We value the free flow of information and data to make better decisions.

Bias Action

Corvanauts never sit still — their default mode is taking action. Progress is made by the number of high quality iterations and they know this. Failure is built into the process and success is defined by the number of shots on goal.