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Community, Connection, Collaboration: Corvacon Shapes the Future of Oil & Gas Innovation

We’re celebrating Corvacon today, an event centered around the voice of the oil & gas community and solving common challenges together.  Hundreds of energy professionals are joining Corvacon’s live stream and other attendees at Corva’s Houston HQ, including leading energy companies, Corva partners, users, influencers, and media.

The future of innovation and the way we do business in the energy industry going forward is all about collaboration.  Corvacon’s mission is to be the catalyst for change by connecting all stakeholders, from innovators and developers to the field and board room decision makers. The knowledge sharing agenda is packed with best practices and emerging trends to help the oil & gas community build faster, better, safer, more profitable wells.  ESG is just as much a key performance indicator as footage in the zone and stages per day.  Corva continues to lead from the front line of change with Corvacon’s ESG panel discussion to drive the conversation forward.

Shaping the Future of Innovation

Thought provoking presentations provide best practices and insights into elevating data quality for real time operations centers, powering up productivity across the software ecosystem, optimizing offshore drilling, and solving oil & gas big data challenges.  Led by Corva founder and CEO Ryan Dawson with presentations from team leads and partners on Corva’s integration strategy and new Wellview connector, Dev Center, Well Hub, and advancements in deepwater drilling optimization.

Collaboration and Thought Leadership

Corvacon provides opportunities to connect and collaborate, plus presentations from leading oil & gas companies, Corva partners, and subject matter experts.  Special guest speakers include Paul Pastusek and Jennifer Ramirez (ExxonMobil), Jim Oberkircher (IADD), Robert Herrmann and Michael Kuhn (Peloton), Ben Dickinson and Ian Henkes (NexTier), Meg Dodge and Jason Glascock (Drill2Frac).

Driving the ESG Conversation

Corvacon’s environmental, social, governance (ESG) panel discussion features experts on sustainability and industry media who will provide their perspectives on the rapidly evolving policy picture and next steps for the industry.  Moderated by Corva’s Alisher Yunuskhojayev with panelists Kaitlyn Allen from Global Affairs Associates and Sean McCoy from the Elevate Podcast.

Knowledge Sharing Opportunities for All

Attendees benefit from multiple tracks for drilling, completions, and developers.  Corvacon provides in depth breakout sessions on identifying hazards, analyzing offset well pressure, drilling and completion best practices, enhanced wellbore placement, analyzing nonproductive time, and integrating geoscience and engineering workflows.

Can’t make it to Corvacon?  Be sure to register here and we’ll send you the replay.  Plus, Corvacon is coming back this fall!